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Thread: Malaysian Anime DVDs quality?

  1. Malaysian Anime DVDs quality?

    I've long considered to buy Malaysian Anime DVDs on ebay, because they are so cheap AND has english subs on other non-licensed series. But, there is one thing that makes me worry... How is the video/audio quality on those sets? Anyone here with past experience? I've seen them putting tons of episodes on just a pair of DVD, which means the quality isn't really good...

    I saw this Keroro Gunsou movie collection somewhere with 5 movies (90 minutes each) and am considering buying them if the video quality is cool. I'm one of the more picky ones that don't want visible pixels all over the picture.

    *NOTE: I meant Malay!
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    Well if I have to give my thought about it, Malaysia is not the only country that dominates the piracy industry. After all, what drive piracy into the market is because of the company distributor it self for not delivering up to the standard quality of their works. Let me put this into a perspective, the difference between quality of how fansubers deliver their works are far greater compared to company distributor's works. You can see there's a fundamental flaws in media marketing here, how can the one that deliver their service for free could do better job than the one that works in the company? Aside from that, censorship is also took apart into this. So blame the religious nutjob and greedy company that never cares about quality works.
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