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Thread: Looking for a good female character model program.

  1. Looking for a good female character model program.

    I've been wanting to create my own h-game for sometime now. The problem is that I have next to nothing drawing skills. So I pretty much need to use a program to create my female protagonist.

    However theres lots of programs out there that its hard to decide which one to use. I already tried 3D custom girl, and didn't like it much. (That white glare effect if anyone knows what I mean). Plus the art style just wasn't what I wanted.
    I can't just try them all out. Some of these programs have huge file sizes, and theres always the chance that I'll miss something better.

    So what I need is a recommendation for which program would best suit my needs.
    What I need is something that can create a female character. Obviously.
    My game is going to be a hentai game so if the program can also do hentai stuff that would be great.
    Remember the more customization the better.
    I'm okay with downloading mods and whatnot, but I'd prefer a game that is good enough right from the start. Be sure to mention certain mods if the program your mentioning really needs it from what I'm looking for.

    Also I'd like to point out that I'm not asking for download links. I can find the game/program on my own. If its freeware then you can post a link if you want. Though I really doubt there will be a freeware game that beats the commercial ones, but I could be wrong.

    Thanks in advance, and I also apologize if there was a better place for this thread. I don't usually make threads you see...

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  3. I would recommend MakeHuman: an open source 3d modeling program that can create pretty much any female/male body/expression you want and can be exported to blender.
    Although, you should know it's still in developement, and I haven't used it all that long, as I'm in pretty much the same position you are.

    EDIT: People also seem to like Daz Studio 4, this is one that apparently costs money, but at time of writing is free:

    I will edit this message if any of this changes in the near future.
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