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Thread: Features You Wish Was In Artificial Academy

  1. Features You Wish Was In Artificial Academy

    I have been playing ALOT of Artificial Academy lately when I should be writing up my assignments. It has to be my favourite Illusion game so far but, I can't help feel like some features are noticeably missing. So in this thread how about we share some of the features we wished came with the official game or expansion packs, I know many of these will appear in already existing mods but that's okay. These recommended features don't have to be 100% realistic within Illusion capabilities, this is completely theoretical.

    Here is my list -
    - Anal Sex: A pretty self explanatory one, I think it will just mix up the hentai scenes a little just like in AG3
    - Group Sex: Since the game can have a large cast and you are able to rack up multiple relations I though this one would be included in the game. Many variations could be applied here (Many males + one girl, many girls + one guy, many yuri partners ect)
    - Using the environment in Sex: unfortunately there is little variation to the positions in AA, this would make choosing your location for sex a lot more fun. Using the rails on the roof, the toilets, the classroom tables, the bench in the garden ect.
    - Foreplay actions for the girl: Sure there is a foreplay option for boys but it's pretty unfair girls don't get it. This could also be included in yuri
    - Alternate costumes: Sure school uniforms are awesome but how much cooler would the game be with a gym uniform with bloomers, a school one piece swimsuit or a bikini?
    - Teachers: How awesome would it be if you were able to fully customize and play a male or female teacher in your game? They would have all the features a student has but a different uniform and a dedicated table at the front of the room
    - More male personalities: Four really isn't enough, we need a prince type who is feminine and flirty or a pranking jokster
    - Stamina: This may sound like a weird want but I think it would add a little challenge to the game and makes it a little more realistic. Each person has sexual stamina for the day, they can recharge it by avoiding sexual activity or sleeping.

    I am sure I think of more if I tried, how about you guys? What did you want in this game?

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  3. - Realistic female cycles
    - Pregnancy
    - More dialogs

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    so what if we wish ? you think illusion's staff member is around to hear our cry and make it into reality ?

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  5. Decisions that you make in conversations that actually lead to some sort of procedurally generated plot/events. I like the conversation aspect more than the sex. They have a good idea, it's just... they made the most useless interaction possible.

    Doesn't matter. AA is deadware. illusion cares not one bit about it.

  6. * Built-in online character database: Want a new transfer student? Search through thousands of user-generated characters. Also, an additional text field for character creation where you can describe the character you created.

    * Nonconsensual Isaku mode: ability to stalk students with a variety of stealth/surveillance/blackmailing/slavery/rape actions. Hide in a nearby bathroom stall, videotape them masturbating, Have your victims lure other victims into a trap! But be careful if you corner an evil personality...

    * Hidden places: Some rooms have special sections in them where you can H in and if someone walks in they can't see you. But they can hear you, so you have to be quiet!


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