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Thread: Hello~

  1. Hello~

    A simple introduction, just hi ^^
    My name is ηoemi and its really, very nice to meet you all :3

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    Welcome to Hongfire. Hopefully you will find many things of interest here. Do try to read the rules or ask questions if you aren't sure about anything. Most here are friendly and happy to help.

    Can you tell us anything about your interests in things like anime, manga, or games?

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    hi ηoemi, welcome to the forum. it is nice meeting u here.

    u've got a sweet introduction. as u know, many times simple things are a treasure for our heart.

    have fun among us, stay always nice, and i'm sure u'll make a lot of friends. people will be happy to talk to u.

    tara and a smile for u

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    Hey ηoemi, Welcome to Hongfire!

    It's very nice to meet you too!

    Do you have any favorite anime, manga, games or any other interests that you could tell us about? ^-^

    I hope you have fun while you're here, remember to read the rules and If you have any questions just ask so you don't anger the mods.

    See you around!

    Learn lots. Don't judge. Laugh for no reason. Be nice. Seek happiness.

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    Hi ηoemi and welcome to HongFire! ^^

    Since you're here, please tell us a little more about yourself. Do you have any hobbies or favorite anime, manga, and games you'd like to mention? If you have any questions about the site, feel free to ask. Have fun and remember to read the rules! Happy posting, see you around~

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    As It says! Welcome! To the forum and some interesting fun! Now that's what I am talking about! So List your favorites below! Cause you wont has as much of a chance to later on! Now? Got anything, you might want to add or ask? Also be nice and post a friendly last message to the mods! Keep letting them know? To stay nice and never mean!
    Oh Yes, a little treat from me! While you say your last words! Now it time to devour ....YOU!
    It really is a funny haha! ^_^
    Scary Isn't It! Funny, Ha, Ha. Get It?
    What Life Is All About! Enjoying All Of Life's Pains! Until You Reach The End. The Very Short End!

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    Hai Noemi . Welcome to HongFire .

    How are you? :3

    We don't mind if you say more about you ^^.

    What is your favorite anime, manga, video games? What is your hobbies? See you later and enjoy your time here ^^.
    Thank you devilsmaster for the avy, the profile pic and the sig <3. *kiss*


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