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Thread: Warts

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    I think this is the first time I ever experience such an annoying disease. I have a wart on my my index toe which is not that big, only a half centimeter of diameter in size. It gets kind of hurt whenever I bump over something which in my routine case, I used to play drum and step over the drum paddle. Whenever I switch my foot to another paddle, sometimes I slipped off and bump to my wart over a steel. The pain really annoys me, it's like being a masochist in the drum set.

    As for medicine, I tried Doufilm, some kind of salactic acid as what I've been prescribe by doctor. It doesn't seam to heal that well though. I also tried tea tree oil which was used for acne. It heals better than Doufilm but still, it doesn't look effective to me. Maybe it takes some more time to heal this thing up. In the mean time, I have to endure such an annoying pain
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by solarenemy View Post
    Yep most doctors here in the US charge around 100 to 150 USD just for the consultation and examination. That does not include the treatment or cost of drugs/medication. It's amazing what they charge for medical treatments. I got quoted 6000 USD for an MRI scan of my head only when I was having dizzy spells which later turned out to be Meniers Disease. My insurance would not cover the MRI and I would have had to pay that out of pocket.
    there is a scam in this somewhere, and i dont mean one that could be pulled off, i mean one thats in motion.
    somebody somewhere is taking the piss if prices have gone that high.
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    On topic:
    I've had one problem of wart(s) on my big toe (it almost covered the bottom of my toe before I realized it was there). I used acid patches and then clawed the hell out it -- not the best idea, but we couldn't get it frozen at the time.

    But freezing with LN2 is really effective for all of the others I've had (thumb, knee). The LN2 is the quickest option. However, you can just use duct tape (minorly acidic) or garlic chunks (smells), or taping a cotton ball dipped in vinegar (or apple cider vinegar) on it, but these methods take a while (read: up to 3 months of daily application), and aren't the most comfortable for feet. If you have the option, go for freezing, even if it takes 2 or 3 applications!

    Off topic:
    Yeah, prices for doctors services are outrageous in the states. I think it has a lot to do with the threat of lawsuit and how much the insurance for that costs. That, and they can get away with charging it because people will pay for it!

    I was shocked coming here to find that you can't sue doctors. Malpractice and removal of license is done by a board of fellow doctors (or, that's how I've heard it to happen). It also helps that there are giant doctors unions that set a fixed price and only charge extra for extra services provided (after hours, house calls, etc), and that the government here pays for part of health care, and that doctors and other health care professions are taxed differently, so they don't need to gauge prices to get a decent net wage. €23 for an office visit BEFORE reimbursement seems crazy, but €6 after reimbursement is outrageous -- and people here still think it's expensive

    My brother needed to have an x-ray to check if he broke his wrist a few years ago, and the cost for the doctors visit and the x-ray was nearly $400 -- no giving advice for what he should look out for or not do, just to take the x-ray and determine if it was broken or not, and to check the ligaments and try and sell him an overpriced wrist brace. No more than 15 minutes with the doctor, either, or it would be charged as two slots.

    I have no idea how the rest of the world has been duped into thinking that the US has decent health care...

  5. I had a small cluster of warts on my big toe when I was younger. After picking at them (at the time I didn't really think them to be warts, but calloused skin until I started noticing the black cores), I started using salicylic acid. That helped a little, but didn't get rid of them. Eventually I used the freezing method, and they were gone within a month's time. Haven't had any since then!

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    still much better than having warts on your genital,lol
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    Warts suck but I have only had two in my lifetime so I guess I am lucky
    The first time we took care of the bastard with duck tape which was really messy and time consuming and it smelled horrible
    and the second time we just froze the fucker off
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  8. I once had some on my thumb.. So from a philosophical point of view you get these when you worry too much i believe it was. Stop worrying would fix it..
    Anyway back to mere tested methods: for me they eventually disappeared never really did anything that i can remember... then again it is a long time ago. But annoying they are indeed.
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