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  1. Sword 2 / Granado Espada First Private Server! [Aria Gaming]

    Closed beta is in progress for Aria Gaming - Sword 2 and will officially be going live SOON!



    Aria Gaming is one of the first, if not the first to release release a Sword 2 / Granado Espada private server, so far it will be ten times as fast as the official servers, as of now no plans of highly customizations, surely in the future measures will be taken to improve game-play and to make it more enjoyable.


    Experience: 10x faster than official servers.
    Stance Experience: 10x faster than official servers.
    Drops: 10x faster than official servers.

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    TOO BAD registration is disabled LOOOOOL
    and download clinet
    i'll try it again...

    since its x10

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    like I'll tell you!!! :P
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    too bad I lost interest in this game a long time ago

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  • Closed beta, means only select people have access to the server(hence why you can't create an account), for testing purposes, after closed beta the server will be wiped (considering beta rates are extremely high and free items are available). So please be patient until official launch of the server. Feel free to make suggestions on our forums.

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    no bad then no HF member selected

  • Little update: According to administrators, closed beta will be more of an OPEN Beta with a wipe, so that everyone has a chance to play in the beta and test around. The beta should be starting in 1-2 days.
    Prepare yourselves.

  • Aria's Sword 2 client is now available via torrent - and remember this is currently Open Beta(x40 rates, free cash shop), but will wipe after its complete.

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