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Thread: Unity3d Game for hongfire RealPlay girl 02.03.14 NEW DEMO OUT

  1. Unity3d Game for hongfire RealPlay girl 02.03.14 NEW DEMO OUT

    Update 02.03.14

    Here is a new demo, this demo does not really have a story, just some animations mixed together, I am still struggling with the game concept, but still I hope you'll like it, let me know what you think!

    Its a bit unfinished, but I could not wait with release any longer, because Real Play will be released next friday and then I'll will redo everything with the proper body from Real Play and hopefully add some more animations/scenarios from Real Play, its supposed to have dark theme which is perfect

    Unity finally has full (I think) support of blend shapes/morphs and its just perfect for porn games!


    P.S. Right click to rotate, + SHIFT to move faster


    Update 14.12.12

    I am still trying to make a big game, with lots of girls and interactions, but its going very slow, because I am not sure what it supposed to look like in the end,
    to many ideas!

    Meanwhile, here is a breast physics / dance demo, I think it looks fantastic!
    Now you can decide how "bouncy" the tits should be! I still can't decide for myself what are the perfect values
    All dance animations where made in motionbuilder, it turned out to be fun to make!
    Please let me know if you like it!

    DanceDemo v1.0

    original post:

    This is my learning project, I wanted to see what can be done in Unity 3d, it is a work in progress, I am still learning.

    The main girl is from Hako Box game, the guy is, I think, from sb0. Some animations I had to create myself, I will get better, I am sure

    HakoBox game has some cool fall/hit animations and I wanted to use them, mix them together, I think it turned out well

    At the moment there are 3 main activities taken from Hako game, "dancing", "bath" and "masturbating"

    The main girl has some facial animations, took me a while to understand how its done

    And it has a unique, never seen before feature, "smart dick" , as soon as you are close to the girl your dick will smoothly point at the girls mouth, and when your very close it will position itself inside of her mouth, so the blowjob looks more real
    (The girl is smart too She will open her mouth as soon as the dick is near )

    And it has cool tits physics, I think its worth to try for the bouncy tits alone

    At the moment the game is a bit "pointless" as I dont know what it should do, which direction to take

    I am adding more sex animations, will add a spanking animation soon

    Please let me know what you think, should it be developed and in which direction

    Maybe it could be a zombie-sex game or maybe rape/slave game

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    Quote Originally Posted by uncenone View Post
    Hi everyone!
    Was busy trying to make a new demo based on the new Unity 4 and the mecanim but then the new RealPlay demo got released so now I have to change main character to realplay model,
    shes so much better and pretier!
    Check out the screenshot, RealPlay girl looks way better than the old model, what do you think

    And new unity has native support for blendshapes/morphs , so expect loads of morphs in the upcoming demo!
    Its just perfect for porn games
    Looking forward to the upcoming demo!

  4. this is really awesome!!

  5. Bump, first post updated, new demo out Hope you all enjoy!
    Let me know if it does not work on 64bit windows please

  6. seems it's time to get into unity programming myself.

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  7. Thanks for the demo!

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    Thank you very much for sharing this demo!

    BTW, it runs like a charm on win7 64 bit.
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  9. Thanks, looks very promising.
    I'm also running it on Win7 x64. No problems.

  10. I tried all 3 downloads. Very interesting and promising. I have Windows 8.1 and they all ran with no problems.

  11. Looks really good, you just need to add some more havok or another form of skeleton animation to the boobs and ass. It will increase the realism.

  12. Awesome animation, please make a rape/slave game base on this. It show so much potential.

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