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Thread: looking for dog on girl bestiality

  1. looking for dog on girl bestiality

    one thing i've been wanting to see and have only found once, is the girl get pregnant by a dog. i saw it happen in the girl dreams dogs and now im trying to look for any others. any help would greatly be appreciated.

    also, please no guro. only thing i really don't look forward too. aside from the boorus, does any one now any other picture sites that i can find bestiality, mostly dogs.

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  3. Yeah going that far is pretty rare but I can think of two other instances in doujns. The artists name eludes me at the moment but he did something called pet dog appreciation day. Oh yeah, Horihone Siazo! That should be close anyway. The specific chapter title is secret dog god kokoro-chan. There's another one that was never translated, I have it on my hard drive but have never seen any reference to it anywhere else and the site I grabbed it from (da torrents) died long ago. Extremely poor quality scan but if there's a practical way for me to get it to you I'm inclined to share.
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  4. you wouldn't happen to be able to be able to upload it to mediafire and pm me the link would you? i'd be extremely grateful.

    of the second one that is. i found the first one, thx.

  5. I'm probably the least technologically capable person on this site so while I'm dimly aware there's something called mediafire in existence, expecting me to upload something to it is akin to expecting a caveman to repair your blue ray player. Sorry about that... Glad you found the other thing at least though.
    "There is no greater sorrow than to recall happiness in times of misery."

  6. haha, thats all good. if you happen to find it on a site for me to view, that'd be great also. if any one happens to know any good image viewing sites for stand-alone pictures, that would also be helpful.

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    That with Google. All the bestiality you ever wanted. Dog and much much more. Also super-heavy on incest and NTR.
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  8. yah, im a fan of that site, but a lot of the older stuff is dead links. starting from page 5 and on i believe it just gets deader and deader. good stuff though.

  9. There was something on Desudesu involving Tifa which, even if it doesn't go to quite the same lengths as that dreaming one you mentioned, is still pretty freaking hilarious.
    "There is no greater sorrow than to recall happiness in times of misery."

  10. ill see if it can find it. thx for the tip


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