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Thread: [Blue Axolotl's Games] Slice of Venture 2 Crowdfunding open !

  1. Pi [Blue Axolotl's Games] Slice of Venture 2 Crowdfunding open !

    Slice of Venture 2 - Come Hell or High Water crowdfunding campaign is now live !

    If you wanna support us, please check our donation page :

    Don't hesitate to check my blog for extra informations (link under)


    Vitamin Plus is now available on my blog.

    Vitamin Plus Blog.

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    You can check my game on this thread : Vitamin Plus Thread

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  3. Not completely done, as I'm only a little in the game so far, but I love it. You are definitely going in the right direction with the game. The English is full of grammatical errors, but don't worry too much about them because everything is perfectly understandable. If you can, have a native speaker proofread your script or something and everything will be perfect.

    The content so far is great though, keep it up. Ill post a more detailed reply once I actually finish the game.

  4. Ohohoh, so there is a french version of this game ? That's really nice, gotta play it now.

    Speaking of Butakoma 300g, did you played Vitamin Quest ? I haven't finished it yet, but it's quite fun.

    (Oh and I almost forgot : your blog is awesome.)
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  5. Hi there, friend!

    Very good game you got going there, it's obvious you've invested a good amount of work in this. I particularly enjoyed the dynamic between the sisters, I found that to be a very entertaining touch which actually was what chiefly kept me interested when playing the game.

    Game-mechanic-wise it all seems very polished, though I did get two crashes. One was when that Goto fellow was going towards the bathtub to Seth - then it just frooze and no one moved. But that fixed itself by quitting the game and trying again.

    Second was an error message that popped up about a missing face graphic file, some principle or personification of the hero or whatnot, if my french is any help. "/Graphics/Face/Perso_Principaux " to be exact and it happens after you do all the farm work with Goto and goes talk to the succubus about hierarchy.

    As for spelling mistakes, I didn't notice many. But I'm not native in English either, so I'm not one to judge but it seemed all good!

    Hope to see more updates, top notch work here!

    Bonne journée!
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  6. nojam -> That's where the problem lies, the only english native-speaker person I know is my former english teacher and I'm not sure making her read this stuff is a good idea XD. So I hope I'll find someone here willing to proofread what I wrote...But I'm reassured to see that's it's understandable nonetheless ^^

    Knoloa -> No french version yet. However, if I manage to go till the end of the game, making a french version is definitely on my schedule since it's my native language. Yeah I played Vitamin quest (I even bought it) and I loved it. To be honnest, that's when I finished this game that I realised Butakoma's work could fit perfectly into a hentai game. And thanks for my blog ^^

    Venezuela -> I'm gonna fix these two bugs right away. Thank for pointing them out. Since I'm alone in testing the game, I forget some conversations (and I forgot to check this conversation).

    Thank you all for your comments. It gives me motivation to keep on working on it ^^

    Edit : I've updated a new version with the face problem corrected. As for the problem with Goro, I haven't been able to reproduce it so i'll wait to see if other people got the same one and if it's the case, I'll ask more details about what they were doing before it happened.
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    You can check my game on this thread : Vitamin Plus Thread

  7. I've also encountered the Goro crash, but trying again didn't fix it for me. Tried like 4 times. He says he's getting in with her but then he just stands there and the game freezes so i have to alt+f4 out of it. I'm stuck and can't continue the game. If i go upstairs and interact with the TV it gives me the option to play the DVD but picking that also results in the same kind of game freeze.

    Otherwise, great game. A lot of spelling mistakes but nothing that kills the experience. (Off the top of my head, it's bathtub not bathtube). Please continue making it.

    As a content suggestion, it would be nice if you were to add a way to view unlocked scenes.
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  8. Thanks for pointing out the problem with more informations...I'm gonna look deeper into it. I'll also check the problem with the TV. Thanks for the bathtub spelling...For some reason I always wrote it with an e and I was wrong. I'm going to correct this.

    As for the "view unlocked scenes" it's something I have planned (No spoilers here, the stairs in the middle of the vegetable garden were meant for that). However I planned to unlocked it only at the end of the game. You think it might be a better idea to unlock it sooner ?

    You can check my game on this thread : Vitamin Plus Thread

  9. played a bit of this already and i enjoy it if i find any bugs i will tell you but nice game so far i really like the art as i love vitamin quest.

  10. This seems good! Finding how to progress altough can be a challange, for instance finding moss for a certain guest (no spoilering) can be tough, since i failed to find those.
    "...and he that went before now came last, and that which was white and black and all direction was thrown against itself. Grown mightily indignant at the words of the Gods, Malal did turn his heart against them and flee into the chambers of space . . . And no man looked to Malal then, save those that serve that which they hate, who smile upon their misfortune, and who bear no love save for the damned. At such times as a warrior's heart turns to Malal, all Gods of Chaos grow fearful, and the laughter of the Outcast God fills the tomb of space . . ."

  11. I've just tasted it. Game is awesome

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