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Thread: Jenallia's Wrath (RPG Maker VX Game)

  1. Jenallia's Wrath (RPG Maker VX Game)

    Hi Hongfire! I've lurked here from time to time, but never actually had an account or anything like that. Someone I know mentioned that I should get word of my game on here, so I'm following their advice.

    The game's called Jenallia's Wrath, it's a standard RPG game with Text-based H elements at the moment (working on fixing that eventually), as the author I can't really say if it's good or not (I always feel like there's stuff I can do better) but some folks have seemed to like it so far, so I figured I'd post it here, hopefully get some feedback on anything I could improve. These next two months are a bit hectic, but I plan to eventually get the next version out!

    Current version: 0.5


    When the first of their kin appeared in the world, magic users were viewed with harsh prejudice. In most cases, magi were killed, or abandoned as soon as their latent power became noticeable.

    Centuries passed... Removing mage-kin from the world was commonplace until the great kineticist Jenallia came to be. Managing to escape death, she was the first recorded mage to have understood her powers, and quickly put them to use. The reports claimed that small villages had been attacked at first... Then watch towers, strongholds, eventually entire castles! As Jenallia's uprising grew, so did the number of mage-kin under her watchful eyes...

    These kin began to follow in her footsteps, seeking out those of magical power, and teaching them to control their curse. Soon, an empire had formed under her, from which mage-kin not only lived freely, but ruled over others.

    With the increasing number of mage-kin, Jenallia had found various reports of magical abilities she had never heard of. Seeking out rare individuals of different magical prowess, the four domains of magic were established- Mind, Body, Anchor, and Kinetic.

    In the years that followed, the wars began to die down as peaceful solutions were found. History records that Jenallia had continued to resent those of nonmagical descent, but that her disciples had forced her to end her various conquests.

    Five centuries have passed since Jenallia's empire was established, and while its borders have changed from the occasional war, it still remains as the only region where mage-kin are not resented and killed, and the largest empire in the world.

    In Jenallia's Wrath, you control Nytarra Mel, a young mage with a modest frame, brought to the Northern Institute to train and master her powers. Her reason for being there? A dark past, shrouded in lies, false memories, and conspiracies far and wide regarding the true nature of the mage-kin.

    Pictures! (last one is content that'll be in the next update)


    Current Version download links ... Wrath.html

    Alternative Link

    Link to my Development Blog (I try to keep development information here to keep it out of the way)


    Q: Wait a second, if this game is about Nytarra, why is it called Jenallia's Wrath?

    A: You'll find out eventually

    Q: It says I'm missing a runtime package?

    A: Download the VX one

    Q: A Missing Music File is crashing my game! How do I fix this!?!?!?

    A: Copy/paste a music file from your folder, rename it to the missing music file. Go to an area where the music changes, and when you go back the problem will be resolved.

    Q: X is wrong, X needs to be fixed, X feels out of place!

    A: Thank you for informing me! I will do what I can to fix X. If X is fine, I will inform you and we can discuss this politely.

    Q: I think Nytarra should have sex with X

    A: I'm more than willing to come up with a scene where Nytarra has sex with X, Y, Z, and every other variable inbetween! Please ask me if I have current plans to make X sexable. If I don't, you're welcome to send in a short storyboard/script of how you think it'd play out and if it's reasonable I'm willing to add it and give you credit. Note that certain things such as jailbait and light bondage are fine, but that if it's too hardcore, it'll be an auto-no.

    Q: I want Nytarra to form a giant orgy/harem/etc.

    A: I won't say no, but I will tell you that it'll be the hardest thing to accomplish in-game. Most of the characters want a monogamous relationship with Nytarra, so forming any sort of sexual relation with more than one, let alone all the folks traveling with her will be very hard. Because I'm trying to make characters dynamic, you may be presented the option to break some characters, harden others to the harsh realities of life, but doing so might have its disadvantages in the story. (A Nytarra focused on sex/making her companions weaker mentally is less focused on her mission!)

    Q: Why isn't X a follower? I want X to be a follower

    A: Through the majority of the story, Nytarra isn't exactly looking to draw attention to herself, which is exactly what a large party would do. Not to mention each new party member is potentially four or more lines of dialogue per party-based conversation, not to mention when the party is grouped together for Nytarra to talk to them one-on-one. It'd be too much of a hassle and I'd be even more late on updates then I already am!

    Q: Hey! Why isn't there any pics to go along with the juicy bits!?

    A: Originally this game was designed as text-based H-scenes only, it's now going to be updated to include 3DCG, so just give me time to make them!

    Q: Hey! This isn't half bad! How do I get good with RPGmaker VX?

    A: I learned the basics of it from: The rest you have to figure out on your own or find guides for.

    Q: I spotted material that I own and/or someone I know owns and it wasn't given credit! How do I fix this/how do I get it removed?

    A: Well, I certainly hope you don't want it removed, but if you do I understand, lets discuss it if that's the case please! Otherwise, simply give me a shout if I forgot to give you credit! I find a lot of material on my phone when I'm just browsing around for fun, and when I do I typically derp and forget to write down the person's name for credit reasons... I'm sorry!!!

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  3. When will be a next update?
    And about graphics. Maybe let it be only text at first, just to focus on the story. And later add 3dcg scenes?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Aszrael View Post
    I like your game, nice story and the random options to interact with the enviroment flows quite well.
    Glad to hear you like it, thanks for playing!

    Quote Originally Posted by molitar View Post
    Great story.. I can't wait to see more of it. I am really glad GrapicusDrinktus shared it with me on the English Games repository on ULF forums. I can not wait for the next release! If it was not shared with me many of us would have missed this great game! Keep up the great work!

    I was so damn addicted to this game I played it all night and most of the day completing it.. it was great! Though bad thing to do day before work! LOL
    I'm glad to share it! Though the sudden influx of people playing it adds a bit more pressure to release the next update! (Not to mention I'm convinced 4shared will catch on and delete it for violating the ToU... Only time will tell on that one.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Xenofex View Post
    When will be a next update?
    And about graphics. Maybe let it be only text at first, just to focus on the story. And later add 3dcg scenes?
    As a rough estimate, I'd say late February if I can. I don't really need more than a few days of working on it without distraction (a couple weekends) but Late January to Mid February is a very busy part of the year. I do a lot of to-the-side choir stuff that (unfortunately) takes priority, currently have to memorize about 30 songs in a two and a half week period so... Yeah!

    I think the main issue with getting this update out is less the fact that it takes a while to get things in (it really doesn't) but that I'm working on it in my free time. Some weeks that's an entire day or two, some weeks that's a half hour here and there. If I was developing this game as a serious developer then I could probably be in chapter five or six by now. Hell updates were almost bi-weekly between V.01 and the most recent one when things first started out...

    As I stated above though, with the influx of folks, it puts a bit more pressure (but also positive motivation) to work on the game and get things in, so I'm hoping by the end of February work will have picked up, and that I can start getting updates out once more. (This whole update combined is bigger than all of my previous updates I've released, though that's partially because folks wanted to see big chapter updates rather than small bi-weekly updates that added 5-15 minutes each.)

    EDIT: Ack! forgot to respond to this!

    In response to scenes, I'm going to let the poll run its course before making a final decision on it. If Skyrim pulls through, XJ offered to help me with that much to my thanks, otherwise (assuming 3DCG wins) I'll likely be focused on getting chapter three out while working on my 3DCG skills, and then release a "3DCG update" at some point before working on chapter four. If Text-only were to win, I'd simply go ahead and keep up the work on future chapters without bothering to stop for 3DCG.
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