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Thread: [Released]Empress(4th Project) DominancE.

  1. Smile016 [Released]Empress(4th Project) DominancE.

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    I think they seriously fucked up the character design on this one. Captain looks like some sort of missdressed pinked hair Leia lookalike. Her daughter look like typical hime-sama generic bull. Another glasses technichan girl....have not seen that before And then we have mysterious white hair alien girl... Could we have asked for a little bit of originality the does not look like shit?
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  4. Something about Sei's modern artstyle puts me off compared to his Bible Black days.

    Also, is that a pokeball for the loading symbol?
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  5. does anyone know what te story will abot this time?, definetly interested on how the scifi route will go

  6. Character design is...unsatisfactory. The 'swimsuit' attire is weird in this setting. I know Sei doesn't draw pants on girls, but he could put them in skirts or something. Characters look less curvy, maybe even less than in Lewdness but that could change in the cg. Faces are a little off(esp the mom) too.

    At least there's a male protagonist this time. I was happy to see 主人公(Hero) next to dudes name.

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    I am looking at IEM right now so I do not have time to do a full translation, but it is about a 19 year old guy named Makoto who has been conscripted into the Royal Marines and travels with the crew of a space ship. Captain is pink head who have a hobby of swallowing semen because she thinks it makes her retain her youth. Young girl is her daughter. Glasses girl likes to cook and procure exotic space food ingredients. White hair girl is a space alien. Most of the text is technical specifications for planets and the ship and society.
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    The character designs for this one are OK for me with one exception and that is "captain/mother" character. She does just does not look "right" to me for some reason....
    While I like enjoyed Starless, I found that for Lewdness, it was somewhat lacking. I am hoping that this 4th game's story and content will live up to it's name of "DominancE"

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    I agree with the characters looks not being not the best sei's done. They look very old skool I feel and agree with them feeling less curvy but I still feel there are better then Lewdness main four characters, but yeah hope the cg for DominancE will change that along with its content hopefully being better then Lewdness.
    The colour schemes on the clothes match really well for each costume but there's not really a space uniform they all share for being Royal Marines so maybe they are space pirates the hero is after?
    Yeah that mom is not very milfy, where are her big boobs and curvy hips?
    Her face does look unique thou but kinda weird. With her whole semen drinking fetish sounds like a Character from Starless in Space.

    There are many question's with regards to scenario and story direction which will be interesting to know who is written the story for this.
    There might be other Aliens/races then the Grey hair girl, maybe males from the same race with some different sex appetites methods compared to humans or creatures to take the place of the bestiality used in Starless?
    I have a lot of hope in the content being more like Starless and not being a disappointment like I found Lewdness to be and there is plenty potential with the whole space concept for this.

  10. there is always a high potential for hentai in scify stories with in space many thing can happen, aliens, tentacle filled worlds,
    hopefully for this one it will have a nice dose of femdom all of the crew takign advantage of the hero in space will definetly be a sight to see

    any chance anyone could make a translation of the character bios?

  11. Well I wanted to make the thread last night but apparently the picture wasn't added then (it was too early). Beside I was bit superstitious that if I were to make the thread, this game definitely would suck big all my anticipation end up being. I was waiting to hear something about the new game from Sei since last month, when they announced it but after seeing his latest character design, especially the mother, I am bit disappointed, just like the others in this thread. But I hope it is just a preliminary concept art instead of actually using that mother's design in the game. As some pointed out, if she is a MILF, then she needs some curve. For example, Mikako-san in Starless had huge child-baring hips and so did the Marie Mamiya (the owner of the house). While having a curvy body, they look amazing IMHO. You could tell immediately that they were MILF because of the way they were drawn.

    If this will take place in space, then there might be some alien interactions. And if there are alien interactions, god forbid, there might be tentacles. Oh god I sure hope not!!!!! Also there might be space pirates, human trading to aliens (one of the ending perhaps lol), but potentials for fetishes are infinite in this game. However, I think Sei is definitely "pussying" out on the hardcore nature of his work. I think he receives too many negative feedback on Starless that he is minimizing his hardcore fetish contents in the game. For DominancE, the character designs look suspiciously like Lewdness. Lewdness was a terrible game and I did not buy it. If this game follows Lewdness, I think I will stop supporting Sei. I bought most of his work previously, especially the Starless (including his concept drawings) and I am going to definitely buy this upcoming one, if only the contents live up to Starless standards. We will just have to wait and see. that I made post on this thread, I think the game will suck big time lol.

    P.S. I think Sei should start working by himself again instead of working with others since his "sick" mind for different fetishes were liberated when he was working alone (Bible Black, Starless, etc.) When other people are involved, they will say "oh no no no don't add that...that will be hated by everyone" and so on.

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