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Thread: Violated Heroine (VHゲーム01)

  1. Violated Heroine (VHゲーム01)

    Read First:

    Japanese locale or HF pAppLoc is required to install the RTP and to extract and play the game.

    Game Links:

    Untranslated JP / Pre-patched

    Extract: No password is required to extract either one from Netty. (Development Thread):

    Download: What is the first two letters of the file name in lowercase?
    Extract: What is the name of the red haired girl in this game in lowercase?

    Omoidashiwarai8888's Version (Katteban):

    Download: Same as
    Extract: No password is required when extracting it.

    Button Layout:
    Player Input:

    Up Move North
    Down Move South
    Left Move West
    Right Move East
    Z Attack/Accept
    Left Shift Special Attack
    X Menu/Cancel
    F4 Toggle Fullscreen
    F5 Toggle Screen Zoom
    F12 Reset Game

    FatalMix Commands:
    * These commands will only work with the FatalMix version of the game. *

    Right Shift Skip text. (Stops when dialog choice available.)
    A Increase walking speed.
    S Decrease walking speed.
    F Toggle clipping. (Walk through walls.)
    Q Forcefully brings up save menu.
    W Forcefully brings up menu.
    T Change weather.
    Alt + T Changes strength of weather.
    = +1,000 gold.
    Alt + = +10,000 gold.
    , (comma) One-handed mode; will activate/talk when you walk towards something.
    ; (semicolon) Level up.
    1 1x game speed.
    2 2x game speed.
    3 4x game speed.
    4 1/2x game speed.
    5 0x game speed. (Crashes game.)
    0 1x game speed.
    F9 Open variable editor.


    Tools: (Only the first two tools are required if you don't want to apply the translation.)


    HongFire Files:


    Instructions for downloading the SVN with TortoiseSVN:
    * TortoiseSVN is required to be installed first before doing any of these steps.

    • Browse to your desired directory in Windows Explorer (aka Computer) and create a New Folder for the patch.
    • Right-click on this folder and select 'SVN Checkout'. On the screen that appears, enter '' into the box that says 'URL of Repository'.
    • Ensure that 'Checkout Depth' is set to its default of 'Fully Recursive' and click 'OK'. Your download will proceed without need of further interaction.

    Applying the patch to the game with RPGMaker Trans:
    Step 1
    • Download the latest untranslated version and unpack the archive. Check under the Game Links section for a link to the Japanese development thread. You can usually find the latest version by looking at the YYMMDD format of its file name.

    Step 2
    • Go to the VH Translation SVN and download the contents of the "trunk" folder. * (See the "Downloading the SVN" section for how to do this.)

    Step 3
    • Download RPGMaker Trans and run it after unpacking the files.

    Step 4
    • In RPGMaker Trans, click Browse in the Game Location section.
    • Select RPG_RT.exe in the directory of the game you downloaded in Step 1.

    Step 5
    • Click Browse in the Patch Location section.
    • Select RPGMKTRANSPATCH in the trunk folder you downloaded in Step 2.

    Step 6
    • Make sure Create/Edit Patch isn't enabled.
    • Press the Start button.
    • Once it's completed you will have a translated version of the game with "_translated" appended to the end of the folder name.

    Useful Links:

    Useful Tips:

    • Focus on Attack (Spirit for mages) and Defense, as being able to deal more damage to enemies and take less damage from enemies will make the later part of the game easier.
    • Use multiple saves when playing this game to prevent a glitch from making you have to start over.
    • Do the Onsen Town's quests in this order: Babysitter → Bar Waitress → Delivery Work → Goblin Extermination → Minotaur Extermination → Bodyguard Request.

    Windowed Mode:
    This game will run at full screen by default. If you want to run it as a window instead, do the following:

    • Create a shortcut for RPG_RT.exe. You can rename the shortcut to anything else if you want to.
    • Right click the shortcut and select Properties.
    • In the box next to Target, leave one space after RPG_RT.exe and type "Dummy ShowTitle Window" without the quotes. *
      * Example: "C:\Games\VH\RPG_RT.exe" Dummy ShowTitle Window
    • Click Ok/Apply when done.
    • Running the game by the shortcut will cause the game to be in a window instead of full screen.

    Alternate RTP Download: *Please read the info above the link before using the RTP*
    Only use this if you can't install the RTP for any reason.

    Unzip with 7-Zip. Put the contents in the VH folder. *(See picture below)* If asked to overwrite folders, choose YES, if asked to overwrite files, choose NO!

    Then add the following to your RPG_RT.ini above GameTitle:

    RTP Download Link:

    Original Thread:

    <I'm making this the new official thread. However, there is a wealth of useful information in the old one, so don't be afraid to search it for answers. - TSR>
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by arunak View Post
    You still don't get It.
    It's not "It's like a dumb but fun action movie", It's dumb and that's It. There is no fun nor enjoyment in watching every f* sex scene with the same "ah ha ha" lines repeated infinitely with the same 3 animations.
    It's just plain bad.
    It's not "the game needs to be written by Shakesphere", there is nothing written there.

    The amateurish games I quoted before are way way way better than VH in pretty every component (plot, dialogues, sex scenes, characters, etc..), and bear in mind I know only those two.

    You can disagree with me oc, but don't answer me with that "not every movie must be with a deep plot" derp derp bla bla bla..because than you didn't understant what I wrote.
    I get what you are saying, but I don't think you understand me.

    Let me put things into perspective from my viewpoint, then I think you'll understand. I play most H-games without translations for the most part, though I'll sometimes mod the game to make certain sections easier to get through if standard RPG logic doesn't work. I don't understand Japanese, but what I DO understand is the general atmosphere created by music, graphics, and flow of the symbols. When I see a cutscene that uses graphics to convey some idea of what is going on, followed by h-scenes where a great deal of periods, "sounds", and especially the heart symbol is used to convey pleasure, I understand enough to enjoy myself.

    My point is, that even though I don't understand ANYTHING the characters are saying, VH is STILL enjoyable, because VH provides enough context for enjoyment. Let me go a step further. I DO NOT want endless amounts of plot I can't understand anyways. I play these games for the pictures and sound and the context of that media. If you want to argue about the quality of the pictures and sound, all I can say is different strokes for different folks, however as far as the TEXT goes, it does what it needs to as far as I'm concerned, and the worst parts of the game are the ones with text that take ten minutes to skip through.

    P.S. I've played with a translation too, it really didn't make much difference.

  4. Ok Gman, I do not agree with the way you judge the game but I guess It's because of its subjectivity.
    Personally It would be difficult for me to enjoy an hentai game without any dialogue\plot, but still possible. It's not the case with VH, I don't like It the way It is now
    And I'd like to reiterate again: I'm not necessarily searching for "endless amount of plot", what I was saying is that in VH even the hentai scenes lack any depth\quality for what I think are minimum standards for games like this.


  5. Light

    How about this:

    a) If you don't like it, leave it be. Others enjoy but it's not for you, dump it and just move on.


    b) If you don't like it, you go in and make it better.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by dropshot View Post
    How about this:
    b) If you don't like it, you go in and make it better.
    or how about adding more shota content to make it better (for me at least, especially with Ashley)?

    btw, forgot mention this before arunak, but lemme get a hi-5 for Harem and DLabyrinth, that two are really one of the best h-game out there beside VH (although it looks like DL is almost dead, and we haven't hear for quite some time from Harem).

    oh, and not trying to muddling it further, but as far as I know know that Harem and DL are using RPGMaker VX (or is it XP? or 2003? forgot about it) which like other games made using it (Legend of Queen Opala comes to mind) is far more text oriented, especially with the ability to insert images (something that Harem and DL makers takes liberties of, especially since they're using CG from 3D Custom Girl) which when make a h-scene, it's almost like reading a vn, what's with we get a certain hcg while reading the textbox, something that would be hard (if not impossible) to do in games like VH, especially since it's customized with special attacks and whatnot....

  7. Quote Originally Posted by arunak View Post
    To mention the two other similar projects (amateurish hentai games with RPG maker) that I played, "Harem" and "Despair Labirinth", both natively in english, they have a lot better writing and story than this.
    Except I do disagree with your opinion, although that's most likely because we are looking for different things. When I go to look for H games made in RPG Maker, story is the LAST THING on my mind. The quality of the H scenes as well as how developed the system is takes priority (which is why VH is top for me in this category. Not only the length and sheer amount of H scenes, but as well as all the little details such as corruption, diary tracking, pregnancy, etc.)

    For the H games made by the large companies, I don't even bother playing/reading just plain visual novels anymore. I only play the SRPG/simulations. For those games, gameplay is the main thing I'm looking for. Characters second, story third, and H scenes last (oddly enough).

    And if I want a story, I just go read a novel or a manga. I don't look for that in H games.
    Why live if in the end, we all die? I guess to suffer? I really have no clue.....

  8. as i see it, you're discussing what the best of the worst h-rpgs are. natively english h-rpgs are all bad games at best. you can't beat japanese people at their own ground.
    and seriously. harem and DL are just... well... BAD. i wouldn't even bother looking at their progress. and if they're the best you've seen, you probably want to lurk moar at other places, since the only things you get here are free betas and other unfinished businesses.

    well for me personally, this thread is the only reason to visit.
    Last edited by jazz0r; 04-22-2013 at 07:35 AM.

  9. well, since I don't speak/read japanese myself, self-made-always-beta-english-h-games is my only option, so objectively speaking, what you said about "the best of the worst" really hit the spot...

    then again, both harem and DL are amateur, self-made h-games made using RPGMaker, so I can't be too harsh on the good or bad criteria.
    and I don't know other place than hf, so... any recommendation?

    oh, and agreed about this thread being the only reason to visit...

  10. VH has a pretty good story though. The Bandit and Wagon quests had amazing storytelling and got my blood pumped up, the guy who made these quests know how to tell an engaging story, something the english made RPG games never managed to achieve for me (not because their story is bad, but because the storytelling is lacking).
    If you want to discover new games, your best bet is to regularly check DLsite maniax, search for games that tick your interest and get your hands on them (Sacred Eyes has been released not too long ago and was quite fun), you can also check Momota's blog for Anise updates (THE never ending beta game), and join the wait bandwagon on Scale's Garden blog (or just wait until his game is released on DLsite).
    Last edited by Knoloa; 04-23-2013 at 02:09 AM.

  11. Quick question: I read that i can only get the rescue ashley if and only i'm at guild rank 13.

    The weird thing is I start the caravan escort quest at rank 14 and i suddenly jump up to rank 11 when I complete it. This happened to me twice in two games and no, I did not finish goblin queen subjugation in either playthrough. Am I doing something wrong here? @_@

  12. It's best if you just do the goblin queen and not touch the caravan escort. The caravan escort is rather buggy at times so avoid it as much as possible.

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