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  1. Smile015 Upcoming H-animes for May 2013

    秘湯めぐり 隠れ湯 舞桜編 2nd. 手折られる可憐な桜 / Hitou Meguri Kakure Yu Mao Hen [episode 02] (Released)


    催眠術ZERO kamma.1 / Saimin Jutsu Zero [episode 01] (DVD/Blu-ray) (Released)


    姉恋 スキ・キライ・ダイスキ。 #2 / Ane Koi [episode 02] (Released)


    ツンツンメイドはエロエロです 下巻 メイドの躾けはお尻から / Tsun Tsun Maid wa Ero Ero Desu [episode 02] (Released)


    鋼鉄の魔女アンネローゼ 02 窮地の魔女 Witchlose 初回版 / koutetsu no majo annerose [episode 02] (Released)


    黒と金の開かない鍵。 第二話「解き放たれた想い」 初回限定版 / Kuro to Kin no Hirakanai Kagi [episode 02] (Released)


    不良にハメられて受精する巨乳お母さん THE ANIMATION Insert.1『崩壊する母子のキズナ』/ Furyou ni Hamerarete Jusei Suru Kyonyuu Okaa-san The Animation [episode 01] (Released)


    相思相愛ノート THE ANIMATION Breast.2「おっぱい、おっぱい、おっぱい」/ Soushisouai Note The Animation [episode 02] (Released)


    ヌキどきッ! ~天使と悪魔の搾精バトル~ 「ツンデレエロ魔っ娘・フィリカ ~悪魔が跨がり子種吸う」(仮) 初回限定版 / Nuki doki !! [episode 01] (Released)


    理-コトワリ- ~キミの心の零れた欠片~ ~由比ヶ浜悠基 闇に掲げる魂の問題編~ / Kotowari Kimi no Kokoro no Koboreta Kakera [episode 02] (Released)



    New information, materials are welcome. You can talk about your views and opinion regarding these titles as well in here. However I won't tolerate any kind of complains and rude behavior in this thread. Also don't post asking where can you get the materials, when they will get released, why they are not released yet, posting DDL links etc cause as soon as I will see any such word in your post I will instantly remove them and award the person with (infraction points) multiple offense will lead to temp ban or permanent ban depends upon your action. Be careful cause you have been warned.
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  • Some of these look really good, particularly Koutetsu no majo annerose 2 and Soushisouai Note 2. Furyou ni Hamerarete Jusei Suru Kyonyuu Okaa-san also looks promising but it doesn't come out until the end of the month.

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    looking forward to Hitou Meguri Kakure Yu Mao Hen 2, Nuki doki !! & Kotowari Kimi no Kokoro no Koboreta Kakera 2
    If you are afraid of death then you have yet to realize what life exactly is

  • Btw, there are already diverse official June releases, among these is Koukai Benjo 2 with some hidden pics even already(on some sort of carton-piece).

    Check on Getchu: 公開便所 THE ANIMATION Slave.2

    I start missing preg/tentacle/belly inflation content. Nothing there after Mouryou No Nie and Koukai Benjo from march to July I guess... or was there any h-title with preg/inflation content I missed?
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    Holy shit @ Nuki doki!!'s screens. Poro actually using new character designs? Has the world undergone some metamorphosis? Has my life been a lie up until now? Since when does Poro use diversity in their releases Definitely looking forward to Nuki doki!! now.
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  • Quote Originally Posted by OONA View Post
    by the way where are the people who did Rensa Byotoh & Shin Ringetsu, those are some gorgeous animation & art, never saw that type of work since Shin Ringetsu.
    Actually the one that did most of the work on these titles is Masapuku (?).
    Looks like these are his only works in hentai anime though I guess he also did designs for Shuumatsu Iryou (eroge).
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    I think Rensa Byotoh & Shin Ringetsu rivals some high end mainstream anime in animation & art,
    If you are afraid of death then you have yet to realize what life exactly is

  • Quote Originally Posted by redrooster View Post
    Problem of Kanojo ga Mimai ni Konai Wake is that Marigold (or TeamBitters, the studio) has changed the character designer(s) in the middle of the series, ep 1 seems to has been done by T-Rex and / or Raika Ken (their character style rather is typical), but ep 2 seems to have been done by some kind of (their) apprentices only...

    That is why the characters look so different in one and two.
    Episode 1
    Character design
    Animation Direction

    Episode Direction
    Shichijou Kurou

    Animation Work


    Episode 2
    Character design
    Honda Pisan

    Sakisaka Mamoru

    Episode Direction

    Animation Direction
    Honda Pisan

    Animation Work

    Raika Ken
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  • Only 2 more me this month. They are both ep 2

  • koutetsu no majo annerose 2!!! Great month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OONA View Post
    Rin+Ran is going to be a winner along with Zettai Zunshu..... by Murakami.
    That may be so, but I'm putting my faith in Chu Shite Agechau Oshikake Onee-san no Seikou Chiryou Ep 2. If it's as hot as episode 1 was then we'll have a winner.... in my eyes at least

    Cover has been added for Tsun Tsun Maid.
    Hot tsunderes and shimapan = my boner approves!

    We definitely need more H-titles with more hot girl wearing shimapan. But it seems that I'm all alone in that department. Sometimes the H-world can be so cruel to our tastes and fetishes at times.
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