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Thread: [Illusion] Musumakeup! (preopen)

  1. [Illusion] Musumakeup! (preopen)

    Title: Musumakeup
    Home page:

    Release: July 26

    Demo Mirror (Thanks to Jingai)
    Quote Originally Posted by Jingai View Post
    Here is a small demo of the game at MEGA, and one image.

    Concept and Story (thanks to remymartin1986)

    Quote Originally Posted by remymartin1986 View Post
    very rough translation..

    ILLUSION’s upcoming “daughter fostering”! You were chosen by chance to watch over the growth of your daughter, through a father eyes.
    Once grown, daughter will be customizable to your favorite looks!
    Story implements new 3D drawings which are done in real time!
    Enjoy ecchi scenes in an assortment of situations, possible viewing from anywhere 360 degrees!

    One day, in the back of a cave you happen to find “The flower garden that will protect the Dragons” where you see a baby all alone. This is a story of love, nurturing, ナタネ(Baby’s name?)as you foster her. You will teach, laughing, cry and live together. However, there things in life your daughter cannot experience by herself. Do you continue to keep watch over her daughter, or do you take her as a woman. It is your choice…

    Features (thanks to ShadowRFox and JM0) Updated 31/05
    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowRFox View Post
    So far we know Musumakeup will have:
    -A customizing system for your adopted daughter (hair style/color, eyes, breasts, skin color, glasses, ear ring, eye patch). So far the customization system seem to only take place during the "teen years" of your daughter. There no signs of being able to customize your daughter at every stage of growth.
    -4 heroines, your daughter and 3 girls from the town/village you're stay at.
    -6 locations so far with a day and night version.
    -H-scenes have a little toolbar in the upper left corner similar to SchoolMate (I assume with the same commands: Clothes | Position | Camera | Setting)
    -There a toolbar in the lower right corner. I'm just guessing it for the cum inside/outside, girl cum alone, etc since we haven't seen any cum gauge.

    So far it look like I'm wrong about Musumakeup and I'm good with it. Although I'm looking forward to the point where Illusion reveal the "gameplay" of Musumakeup. We seen a menu system with the locations and girls on it, and I can't tell whether it Free-mode or part of the main story mode.
    Quote Originally Posted by JM0 View Post
    okay update time, this ones a big one.

    So first off, we have good news, the daughter is has multiple personality options (or at least voices), this is more than i would have expected.

    secondly all the characters now have voice samples.

    the H preview has had a minor update (showing chara customization screen before freeplay).

    There is a new 30 sec trailer, which at time of writing doesn't load properly. (probably the old trailer, though it is interesting to note that there are a lot of 3d environments shown which, to me at least, hints at gameplay of some sort).

    finally a new page has been added called "flow" It showcases customization. shows some glimpses of VN story elements (nothing about any potential gameplay though...)
    The last step of the flow being H. There is little i can say about this though as i lack the necessary skills to translate anything coherent.

    EDIT: so from what we can gather so far the following is more or less guaranteed: this game will have some customisation options for the titular musume (including voice options), other romantic interests will (as far as we know) only have customisable clothing (from what is shown this is limited to only 2 outfits per chara).

    Gameplay as far as we known right now only consist of some sort of story mode (only VN has been confirmed at this point), and a free mode (think PPD/schoolmate esque h-scene only mode).
    Judging by the screenshots of the VN parts, i'm not so sure there will be any gameplay beyond VN anymore... (i hate to bring bad news but it's better to keep expectations realistic especially given the way people tend to overhype thing).

    interesting to note the interface seems to be a large part in english, not all of it of course.

    EDIT2: lucky for you sigfried you've got your "papa", two of the voice samples for the daughter have it. (an interesting choice on illusions part as it's use is more commonly associated with younger children, unlike otou-san which has a more adult sound to it)

    EDIT3: curious two of the pages in the news feed link to the same content, yet they have different URLs. I guess the webmaster dun goofed.

    EDIT4 (LAST ONE I SWEAR): i forgot to mention "DAD" (the main chara) doesn't have a voice sample, thought that might be interesting.

    Movies Mirror link (thanks to Jingai) Updated 07/06
    Quote Originally Posted by Jingai View Post
    I've uploaded the movie to MediaFire.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jingai View Post
    A short video showing the character maker at MediaFire, and a few images.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jingai View Post
    Here's a very short video showing an H-scene at MeidaFire, and another image.

    Some links are broken, just click on the "view post" button, on the quote, after the name to get updated links
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    I like how the title implicitly makes me think of LOTS! of customization. The logo looks interesting though, let's hope they continue the recent PPD-wise trend.
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  4. Given all recent illusion games, i'm pretty sure it's safe to label this one shit and move on.

  5. Nothing to see here, move along ^^

  6. wait THATS the title? that sounds like typo more than anything!

    That said it does imply that this is a new game in the "artificial" genre or at the very least that it contains a decent amount of customisation. I'll be keeping an eye on this as we learn more.

    Also gotta love the haters adding nothing to the speculation.

    Seriously though that title somehow managed to smash three terms into a single pun. "Musume" (girl) "Make" and "Makeup".

    On second thought, maybe I'm looking to much into the "make" part. Indeed it could be we've got ourselves a makeup focused game with no real customization options, which would be a hilarious troll from ILLUSION.


    Also just to keep the hype limited, they probably won't be doing another dark game soon, PPD is pretty much as dark as illusion will go and i suspect they're eager to return to the much lighter style they've been using before PPD. Remember that illusion is still under a measure of scrutiny thanks to the Rapelay incident, they can't really afford another snafu like that.
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  7. Finally a new announcement, hopefully its not crap like PPD and Ore. (yes I skipped HET cause I at least like the character designs for that one). I would prefer a Visual Novel over another PPD. I love customization, but not when its garbage like "create your own chick, than toss her in and pick scenarios to watch her get porked in..."

    With a name like makeup I also hope it wont be a garbage glorified poser like Digital Girl Rin and its expansions... where you dress up the girl, put make up on her and pose her and upload images for people to see... /yawn

  8. I doubt that Illusion would release two customization-heavy games back to back. Not that I'd complain if I'm wrong, mind you

    I just hope they focus on gameplay instead of a poser this time. The poser fans have had their turn!

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    Quote Originally Posted by etheral View Post
    I doubt that Illusion would release two customization-heavy games back to back. Not that I'd complain if I'm wrong, mind you

    I just hope they focus on gameplay instead of a poser this time. The poser fans have had their turn!
    More posing for the Poser Gods!
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by Dorllanen View Post
    More posing for the Poser Gods!
    I don't understand why they didn't properly integrate some sort of really simple visual novel creator in the game with the poser. I thought that was what the expansion was for when they had a custom scene with a blank dialog window on their blog but i guess that was not the case :/.

    Wonder if this game was suppose to release in place of ppd. PPD looked rushed out the door along with its expansion. By the look of logo art style I hope the team that did ore did this instead of the one that did het. That would mean they would have at least been working on this a year and hopefully made changes after they saw how bad HET did and was rated . This game needs to be good. I don't think ppd was all that good to make up for another flop like het.

  11. Probably a loli game, "makeup" could imply customisation or training elements, customisation is more likely though. Im more hyped for KISS new games than anything coming from Illusion at this point.

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