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Thread: [Illusion] Immoral Ward : FAQ & General Discussion

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    [Illusion] Immoral Ward : FAQ & General Discussion

    This is a discussion thread about Illusion's game Immoral Ward. Before asking any question, please first refer to this game's FAQ & Technical Help and Installation Guide.
    Please only post discussions or ask questions that have not already been answered. The search feature is your friend.

    Game Informations




    Wiki & FAQ


    Game Mods Threads


    Official HF Patch

    Items listed below are intended for advanced users willing to further customize their game. For an out-of-the-box, easy-to-install game translation and uncensoring, use the Official HF Patch linked above.

    • Mods noted as [Official] are from official members of the HF Modding Club.
    • Mods noted as [NWR] are "Not Wizard Ready".








    Game Save Files

    With thanks to :

    • Dorllanen for the splendid banner.
    • Beau Nidle for the original thread that was lost in HF server crash.
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    I'm not sure if i will do the poser since it has TONS of resource required to be modify ! If found that people need it, will do it.. otherwise i will skip that

    Cr@ck for DLC2:

    No-DVD Crack : 11A6 75 => EB
    Regional Free: 17DC95 75 06 => 9090

    [Illusion Immoral Ward][English Launcher][v1.0-DLC2]


    This Launcher is made for Illusion Immoral Ward Retail, It might
    possible to contain some untranslated msgs so if you find any, you
    can pm me with a screen shot if possible.

    ==[ How to Install ]======================
    1) Copy the Launcher into game folder
    2) Run the Launcher
    3) Enjoy with the game

    ==[ Dose it support XP theme ? ]==============
    Custom 32/64bit Theme was added

    ==[ History ]==========================

    Version 1.0 :
    - Based on DLC1 name: ImmoralWard.exe
    - Include No-DVD / Regional Free
    - Fix Scene Disappear issue (Thanks to Ids718)
    - Full Translation of GUI
    - Full Translation of the VGA Test
    - Full Translation of System Information Menu
    - Translate most of the known error messages
    - Resize the Layout
    - Changed the font to Tohama 9pt

    [Illusion][Registry Fixer][v2.1]

    Q: I got a problem saying "Application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)", what should i do ?
    A: First read the F*cken readme file (which we spent hours writing it), then install the Micro$oft framework v2.0

    This Registry Fixer that is made for all illusions games that i got in my mind and made launchers/tools for.
    Currently it support the follow :

    • @Home Mate
    • @Home Mate [ Esk Mate ]
    • @Home Mate Special [ Photo Mate ]
    • @Home Mate Character Figure
    • Artificial Girl 2
    • Artificial Girl 3
    • Artificial Academy /Play
    • Artificial Academy /Maker
    • Digitown
    • Hako
    • Happy End Trigger
    • Iam Hero
    • Immoral Ward [New]
    • Love Girl
    • Musumakeup
    • Premium Play Darkness
    • RapeLay
    • Real GirlFriend
    • Real GirlFriend Special [ Botsu ]
    • Real GirlFriend Memorial [ Photo ]
    • School Mate
    • School Mate Sweets
    • School Mate Sweets Clock
    • School Mate Sweets Decoration
    • School Mate 2
    • School Mate 2 Special
    • School Mate 2 Digital Mate
    • Sexy Beach 3
    • Sexy Beach 3 Plus
    • Sexy Beach 3 Flash
    • Sexy Beach 3 Gravure
    • Sexy Beach Zero
    • Wakeari
    • Yuusha - You can´t escape from the Heroine
    • Yuusha - Digital Botsu

    It's possible to contain some errors, however I'm looking forward for feedback.

    You can press F11 for manual update check.
    You can always press F12 and see the values and export them to help me fixing bugs include helping you in your issue.

    ==[ How to Install ]==================
    1) Run the Registry Fixer
    2) Choice the game you want to fix
    3) Choice the location of where you have installed the game
    4) Run the game

    ==[ History ]======================
    Version 2.1:
    - Fix Update dialog box error
    - Fix Update server not available
    - Fix Language version fail some times
    - Fix Profiles counter bug
    - Improve: language version detection

    ==[ Download ]======================
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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Size:	138.3 KB 
ID:	250806  
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  4. Nah, he'll soon wave a white flag and surrender his thread cause he's French....Wait, so am I

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    Immoral Ward : Installation Guide

    This is a guide to install Immoral Ward and all the bonus shipped with the game. Reading and following this will insure the game runs properly.

    If you experience any issues with the application, be sure to double check your installation process. A poorly installed game is a major source of problems and the vast majority of issues reported in the HF FAQ threads could have been avoided if games were installed correctly.

    Before Installing :

    Immoral Ward is a Japanese game. In order to run smoothly, you must execute the application with Japanese locale.

    In order to do so, you should avoid to change the regional settings of your Operating System. Altering this setting may cause applications to swap around characters encoding, resulting in data corruption. So, let me insist on that point :


    The best way to run Japanese applications is by using one of the following softwares :
    • If you are using Windows XP, download and install HF pAppLoc.
    • If using Windows 7 or Windows 8, you should prefer to use Locale Emulator instead.

    For more informations on those softwares, read :

    If you are not using the original game disks, you will also need the following tools :
    • If you have .rar / .zip / .7z files, or any other type of archived files, you will need to decompress all the archives beforehand. To do so, I strongly recommend the use of 7-Zip, a fast, free and open-source software. You can grab a copy on
    • If you have .iso files, you will need a tool to mount the aforementioned disk image files. One of the only software able to handle Japanese game disk images is Daemon Tools. There is a free "Lite" version available and you can download it here if needed.

    Game Content :

    Before continuing, I assume you have read and understood the "Before Installing" section of this guide, installed all the mentioned tools and decompressed all the archive files.

    You now should have all you need to install and run the game properly and be in possession of the following assets :

    The three game disks :

    インモラル病棟 : Immoral Ward
    • This is the main game disk. Contains all of the base elements needed to install and run the game.
    • Comes as a disk image file named "ImmoralWard.iso".
    • Size of the disk / disk image : about 3,1 GB

    インモラルスタジオ : Immoral Studio
    • This is a "poser" program allowing you to play with the game characters, animations and other models and build scenes.
    • Presented as a disk image or a folder depending on your sources. In Girlcelly's release, this is available as an image disk file named "ImmoralWardStudio.iso" and in Mikocon / 2DGF release, as a folder named "インモラル病棟 購入特典 インモラルスタジオ".
    • Size of the disk / disk image / folder : about 800 MB

    プレミアムディスク : Premium Disk
    • This is a bonus disk containing a whole lot of costumes, accessories and other props for Immoral Ward and Immoral Studio.
    • May be presented as a disk or a folder depending of your source : disk image named "ImmoralWardPremium.iso" in Gircelly's release or folder named "インモラル病棟 購入特典 プレミアムディスク" in Mikocon / 2DGF release.
    • Size of the disk / disk image / folder : about 2.2 GB

    For further information about the bonus disks shipped with the game, you could consult the dedicated page on the Illusion's website.

    The two pre-order costumes pack :

    予約特典追加衣装データ : Pre-Order Additional Costumes Data
    • This bonus archive contains a few additional clothes for Immoral Ward and Immoral Studio. Visit this page on Illusion's website for more informations about this bonus.
    • It comes as a self-extracting archives named "予約特典追加衣装データ.exe" which expends to a folder with the same name.
    • Self-extracting archive size : 63.2 MB / Uncompressed folder size : 282 MB

    早期予約キャンペーン 衣装データ : Early Pre-Order Campaign Costumes Data
    • This is a lingerie set looking like a basque, available in black or white.
    • Comes as a self-extracting archives named "早期予約キャンペーン 衣装データ.exe" which expends to a folder with the same name.
    • Self-extracting archive size : 5.6 MB / Uncompressed folder size : 25.4 MB

    The day-one DLC :

    インモラル病棟 キャラカスタム追加プログラム : Immoral Ward Character Customization Additional Program
    • This DLC add options to customize various aspects of the five girls featured in the game like size, measurements, skin, hair and eyes color... The DLC shipped with torrent release is currently outdated but you can grab an up-to-date version on the download page of the game's website.
    • It comes as a self-extracting archives named "immoral_01_custom.exe" which expends to a folder named "インモラル病棟 キャラカスタム追加プログラム".
    • Self-extracting archive size : 31.7 MB / Uncompressed folder size : 268 MB

    Installation Process :

    So, now we got all the files ready, we know which part is what, and the only remaining thing to do is to install everything properly. This is what this section is about.

    Step #1 : Installing the game

    1. Insert your disk or mount the "ImmoralWard.iso" image (using DaemonTools Lite, see "Before Installing" above).
    2. DO NOT use the autorun or let the automated installation takes place. Instead, navigate to the root of your (virtual) CD drive. To do so, go to "Computer", right-click on the game CD icon and choose "Open".
    3. Launch "setup.exe" with Japanese locale by using HF pApploc or Locale Emulator (view "Before Installing above). To do so, right-click on "setup.exe" and select "Run with Japanese locale" or "Locale Emulator > Run in Japanese".
    4. If done properly, the installation program should look like this :

    5. If the first button is not grayed out, click on it. It will install DirectX 9c, which is needed to run Illusion's games.
    6. Then click the second button from the top to start the game installation.
    7. Click the button with (N) once.
    8. Change the installation path with a patch without unicode characters nor spaces, like "C:\illusion\IW". To do so, click on the button with (C) as seen on this picture :

    9. Click the button with (N) again, until the game has finished installing.
    10. Your game is now installed. You can check if it runs correctly by navigating to the game folder ("C:\illusion\IW" in our example) and running "インモラル病棟.exe" with Japanese locale. To do so, right-click on it and select "Run with Japanese locale" (HF pAppLoc) or "Run in Japanese" (Locale Emulator).

    Step #2 : Installing the bonus disks

    In order to prevent those nice, genuine, original disks from Illusion to get scratches (because you bought them, right ?), you've got yourself a digital copy of the game by other means.
    Depending on your source, the bonus disks could come in two different flavors :
    • the mikocon one, where those are made available as folders : "インモラル病棟購入特典 インモラルスタジオ" contains the "Immoral Studio" files and "インモラル病棟購入特典 プレミアムディスク" contains the "Premium Disk" files.
    • the girlcelly one, where you instead have disk image files : "ImmoralWardStudio.iso" and "ImmoralWardPremium". Pretty easy to figure what they're about.

    The actual content is the same, and it just installs the same.

    There is two methods for installing those bonuses :
    • By running the "FileCopy.exe" application with Japanese locale (using HF pAppLoc or Locale Emulator as you did to install the game).
    • By copying the content of the "setup" folder into the game folder. This is pretty simple : press Ctrl+A to select all the files in the "setup" folder and press Ctrl+C to copy them. Then, navigate to your game folder (we used "C:\illusion\IW" in our example) and press Ctrl+V to paste all the files.

    The bonus disks installs totally different files, so you can install them in whichever order you want.

    Step #3 : Installing the pre-order bonus packs

    The pre-order bonuses comes as self-extracting archives : their names are "予約特典追加衣装データ.exe" and "早期予約キャンペーン 衣装データ.exe". Decompress them by running those two little applications with Japanese locale.

    They'll extract to folder with the same name as the executables by default. Their installation method is the same as for the bonus disks : you can launch "FileCopy.exe" with Japanese locale or copy the content of the "setup" folder into your game path.

    Step #4 : Installing the DLC

    The DLC is also a self-extracting archive : it is named ""immoral_01_custom2.exe". Run it with Japanese locale to get a folder named "インモラル病棟 キャラカスタム追加プログラム". The installation method is still the same as for the other additional contents.

    The DLC modifies the game executable and other game assets, so make sure to install everything else beforehand. If you choose to manually copy the files, make sure to select "replace all files" when prompted.

    Step #5 : Installing the patch

    Your game is now installed. You should now proceed with the installation of the upcoming HF Patch or any other mod. Refer to the first post of this thread for the links.
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  6. Is an HF Patch in the making already? No eroge is worth playing without the HF Patch

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    Thankfully I had it lying around, because IW isn't exact top-tier game (as I found out), so I probably wouldn't make it anew.
    Still, a banner's a banner.

    God damn that rollback! My poor rep, it hurts so much ;____;
    Attached Images Attached Images
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  8. So very glad HF is back up I cant wait to see what mods come out for this please keep up the great work and a BIG THANK YOU!

  9. Again a illusion game with no interactions .... The 3d models are very good but the playing interest is too bad ... Need an artificial girl ( or @homemate style ) with this 3D model !!

    sorry for my english, i'm french

  10. The part about this game that impressed me the most was in free-mode, when I switched to a point on any map that was next to a table/chair, then switched to a table/chair animation and found the girl hovering two feet away.

    I mean, really, lackluster "gameplay" and dated graphics isn't surprising, complete lack of testing was the unexpected curveball.

  11. Man, nothing against you, but Doc, you need let some experienced members take the front of the threads. If this game be prejudicated by your lack of duty, you should be kicked out! : )
    This is a mad world.

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