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Thread: Upcoming H-animes for March 2014

  1. Smile015 Upcoming H-animes for March 2014

    虜ノ契 ~家族のために身体を差し出す姉と妹~ 下巻 姉妹の絆 / Toriko no Chigiri [episode 02] (Released)


    BUST TO BUST-ちちはちちに- 続続・ちょっとくらい腐ってるのが美味いんですよ? / BUST TO BUST - Chichi wa chichi ni - zokuzoku. chotto kurai kusatteru no ga umai n desu yo (Released)


    フェラピュア ~御手洗さん家の事情~ THE ANIMATION 「朝から晩までしゃぶってあげる」 / Fela Pure Mitarashi-san Chi no Jijou The Animation [episode 01] (Released)


    トロピカルKISS ~貧乳だって人間だ! 女の価値は、お乳で決まる! な、訳ないじゃんバカヤロー!! by立夏編~ / Tropical Kiss [episode 03] (Released)


    鬼父2 -REVENGE-「おかっぱおっぱい復讐淫棒倍返し」(仮) 初回限定版 / Oni Chichi 2 -REVENGE- [episode 02] (Released)


    美脚性奴会長 亜衣 第1巻 二之宮亜衣編 / Bikyaku Seido Kaichou Ai [episode 01] (Released)


    いただきっ!セーエキ ~吸血鬼のフルコース~ - Itadaki! Seieki (Released)


    Pixy - No info yet


    New information, materials are welcome. You can talk about your views and opinion regarding these titles as well in here. However I won't tolerate any kind of complains and rude behavior in this thread. Also don't post asking where can you get the materials, when they will get released, why they are not released yet, posting DDL links etc cause as soon as I will see any such word in your post I will instantly remove them and award the person with (infraction points) multiple offense will lead to temp ban or permanent ban depends upon your action. Be careful cause you have been warned.
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    Toriko no Chigiri
    The first episode wasn't bad and the studio is good but I can't say I'm too excited nonetheless for another completely vanilla hentai.

    I recall there being a Bust to Bust series before and me not liking it. Who knows. The screens don't look flattering so gonna pass this.

    Kyonyuu Kazoku Saimin
    The first episode was better than I anticipated. It wasn't gold but totally fappable. So I'm looking forward to this.

    Fela Pure Mitarashi-san Chi no Jijou The Animation
    This style is a little too comical for my tastes but it looks like it's being used well here. All the screens look hot too so looking forward to this as well.


    Tropical Kiss
    Aww yeah. The first episode was awesome. The 2nd episode was a fucking tease. The sex was awesome in the 2nd... well, what sex there was (like, 2 minutes?). Hopefully Collab Works corrects that. I like their releases so so far this is my most anticipated release of the month.

    Oni Chichi 2 -REVENGE-
    Oni ChiChi died a long time ago for me...

    Peropero Teacher
    Have no idea what to expect from these guys. This is their first release and no screens on this. The cover just has a cute anime girl sitting. Obviously don't judge a book by its cover, which is abundantly forced into our heads in the hentai dome.

    Bikyaku Seido Kaichou Ai
    Small head, big body xD These guys' last release wasn't the worst thing ever so I'll check this out or at least check the screens out to see if it's any good.

    Itadaki! Seieki
    As hot as the cover is, it's Pashima. Remember, don't judge a book by its cover. Pashima is known to make very simple, vanilla hentai. I'll check the screens out but I have no expectations.

  • They really cut the best girl from Toriko. As if the adaptation wasn't already depressingly bad.

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    Now I know why the girl in Pero Pero Teacher looks like Hachikuji, it's made by the same artist who worked Bakemonogatari, Akio Watanabe!


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  • Fela Pure Mitarashi-san Chi no Jijou The Animation A must buy enjoyed the manga/doujin

    Fue deserves more hehehe

    Tropical Kiss should be enjoyable to watch .. some story with some smexy time

    though vol 1 will have a special place for some

  • Quote Originally Posted by tidoxp View Post
    Kyonyuu Kazoku Saimin
    The first episode was better than I anticipated. It wasn't gold but totally fappable. So I'm looking forward to this.
    .- . huh? This IS the first episode...

    So far nothing I look forward to...:x though there's a few I'd watch just to see how it looks (which might turns into a surprise jackpot I guess)

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    Toriko no Chigiri [episode 02]:
    Still haven't watched the first episode of this, so not really that interesting to me really.

    BUST TO BUST - Chichi wa chichi ni - zokuzoku. chotto kurai kusatteru no ga umai n desu yo:
    The former two episodes had good humor, but the animation could have been a lot better. I'll probably watch this for fun anyway.

    Kyonyuu Kazoku Saimin [episode 01]:
    Hmm, at first I thought I was looking at a needle and expecting drugs to play a role in this one, but it appears to be a laser pen instead... which probably means it's more a hypnosis type of thing. Well, the cover has already made me curious I guess.

    Fela Pure Mitarashi-san Chi no Jijou The Animation [episode 01]:
    This will be a good release regardless and perhaps even the best of this month, but I'm still a bit disappointed that it seems like blowjobs won't be the main emphasis in this episode and that they're going for a mixed suck 'n fuck solution. Still looking forward to this a lot!

    Tayutayu [episode 04]:
    Lots of people are hating on the flash animation and I can't say I'm a fan of it myself. Knowing the h-manga however, I'll probably marathon this at some point.

    Tropical Kiss [episode 03]:
    PLEASE don't let this turn out in the same way how they kinda butchered Eroge H with those last two episodes as the difference in budget, direction and overall quality was pretty obvious. The original run of that series had funny well-paced events with solid h-action and with the newer releases it seemed like they stopped trying and just told each other 'just have the characters fuck each other and use as little frames as you can within budget'. Also lots of horrible derp quality on the characters outside of the h-scenes. Let's not repeat that shit in Tropical Kiss please! If you decide to add another episode to an exciting series, at least make it count in a good way without leaving a sore aftertaste. Having said that, it seems like they'll focus on the blue haired girl (probably my favorite out of the bunch), so if things go right this could be very enjoyable.

    Oni Chichi 2 -REVENGE- [episode 02]:
    Not very interested in this spin-off kinda Oni Chichi story, but the last episode had a cliffhanger so I'll watch it especially for that. Good enough to tie me over till Rebuild episode 2 and it also helps that the girls in this series aren't bad-looking of course.

    Peropero Teacher:
    Like I said before, the cover reminds me of the Monogatari character designs a lot! (Hachikuji, anyone?). Unfortunately it looks a bit different in the animation itself but still interesting to see how this project will turn out.

    Bikyaku Seido Kaichou Ai [episode 01]:
    Not sure, the PV looks a bit boring to me. I will probably pass on this one.

    Itadaki! Seieki:
    Interesting cov- *PashminaA*... oh nevermind.

    Not a bad month. Not a lot of midrange, so most releases this time are either very good looking or uninteresting Most looking forward to:
    Fela Pure Mitarashi-san Chi no Jijou The Animation [episode 01]
    Tropical Kiss [episode 03]
    Oni Chichi 2 -REVENGE- [episode 02]
    Peropero Teacher

  • Kyonyuu Kazoku Saimin

    Im all in for incest!

  • Based solely on the cover, it looks like they "enhanced" the bust of the light blue haired girl (who I believe is the main interest in this title) in Tropical Kiss. I guess we'll have to wait and see whether it's just a cover difference or whether they actually did it. Also, whether or not it will be good or bad if they did do it. I like big boobs as much as the next guy, but I'm not too fond of changing character designs within the same series.

  • Looking forward to Tropical Kiss! One of the few vanilla titles I actually liked. The first two episode had some quality production and balanced h scenes with plot nicely.

    Quote Originally Posted by prosolerion View Post
    i know , but the more girls get rape , the more better the game will be
    Quote Originally Posted by OONA View Post
    can't find words, definitely awesome.

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