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Thread: [ANiME] A Forbidden Time, anyone know some similar?

  1. [ANiME] A Forbidden Time, anyone know some similar?

    Hey im new here and its a kinda nice place heh

    i watched the HAnime "A Forbidden Time" and i really loved it. >.<
    Anyone else wathed it ?
    Just cause of the various BD situations ;P

    I wonder if anyone know some other HAnime or HMangas with like almost the same stuff in it?
    Would be great

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    I loathe it, i dont mind Shota but that anime really messed me up..

    I can't really recall much Shota in H-anime but H-mangas have a fair few.

  4. Messed u up ? ^^ How hehe
    Cause of the whole "abuse your babysitter thingy?"^^
    i meant titles with a smilarity and with that sort of BD situations ofcourse

    Anyone know a title or two ?
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    yeah, that and how weak minded and stupid that babysitter is.. grr.. almost makes me as mad as Aoi in True Blue

  6. We need more straight shota h-animes, but with the female dominant.

  7. well, the plot isn't similar, but if you're looking for similar BD situations, try Maid in Heaven Super S

  8. As far as BD goes, I've yet to find a better example than Princess 69...that one just takes it to the limit, ridiculously so.

  9. Ive already seen Maid In Heaven ^^ Also very good BD situations heh ;p
    any else recommendations?

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