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Thread: How do I beat J Girl fight?

  1. How do I beat J Girl fight?

    Hey peoples...I need help with J girl fight...I need to beat the girl with Yoruichi, Sephiria, and the very last one...if u can help me or give me tips....OR if u have like cheating codes or sumthing please tell me >.<

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    I just want to know how to use the EX attack. The enemy keeps defeating me because I am not able to figure out how to use the EX attack when I'm charged up and the enemy keeps using it on me.

  4. Well there use to be a J-Girl Fight thread with rapidshare links... but it disappeared. I'm stuck not knowing what the password to the archive. >_<


    what you need should be there. Except for the last fight.
    Only certain characters can do the special moves

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    But it does NOT tell how to do the special moves! I charged up all the way to 3 and hit special and all I get is defensive and continuous.. But where are the special attacks? How do I use them?

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    As said, only a few characters can use the ex attack. Nagisa, Nami and Robin for instance have EX attacks where Robin's in particular is long-ranged.

    To use an EX attack just charge the energy bar up to at least level 1 and use the attack from one of those characters.

    You don't get the attacks as you fill the bar, rather they're already there and you gather energy to use them. As i understood you seem to be using eve all the way and she does not have an EX attack. Try other characters
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    But it says in the guide itself.

    Rinse should always use Frozen attack while Eve her Nano Tech attack

    But I have not seen either of these attacks to be used by either of them.

  9. Coffee

    There are 3 types of special powers:
    1- "normal" special power: don´t need the special bar but using it doesn´t charges the bar
    2- special power "with charge": don´t need the special bar and charges the special bar
    3- special power EX: uses level 1, 2 or 3 of special bar

    To use a special power EX:
    - first you should fight with a person which has one (Sefilia, Rukia, Orihime, Rangiku, Yoruichi, Tsunade, Nami, Robin, Mamu or Nagisa)
    - second, during a fight, attack or charge until the special bar charges to 1, 2 or 3, then use the real special power.

  10. Last Battle

    Well, this weekend I put a video on Youtube for the Last Battle!

  11. Omg~ seemed to be an interesting game~ Ver.2 seemed to have Orihime~ my fav! Where can i get this game(except from buying=.=)?
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