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Thread: How to change japanese wii to english or get on to english channel.

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    How to change japanese wii to english or get on to english channel.

    I got a japanese wii and managed to get online with it. But the news only shows japanese news and also the Weather is Japan's weather. So is the Wii Shop.

    Is it possible to make my japanese wii to display english? I mean all the menus become english or get on to english channel?
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    I uh, don't think so... Unless there's an option in the Wii settings.
    Feels like you've been kinda spammy with topic creation as of late, but whatever.
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  4. Sorry you can't change the language. I have A Japanese Wii too. You need to get hold of american instructions to help you set things up.

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    I have to ask, but Hongfire why exactly did you purchase a Japanese Wii if you want to play US games and are having trouble with the language settings. Is it still nearly impossible to find a Wii in the States?

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    hmm maybe i could help a little hmm so all the buttons are in english right or all the menus are in japanese? ill try to get some screenies from my american wii to help you guys out assuming it has the same OS settings only in different language well since i noticed that taking video from TV would make those black lines i just figured this as step by step
    on wii channel
    click on the bottom left corner which would make you access to wii settings menu
    click on the right on the third "column" the first button would be the language setting try to see if there is an english language for it
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