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Thread: Vore and Unbirth Manga's

  1. Vore and Unbirth Manga's


    This will probably be odd and weird for a lot of people. I am looking for manga which include either the eating whole of people dubbed vore or unbirth of people whole by either giantess or normal godesses. Unbirth is the full insertion of a person in to the pussy. I am interested in this sort of hentai manga and would appreciate it if people uploaded some .

    Also if anyone could tell me which mangas the following images come from I would really appreciate it.

    I also like manga which have stories about the adventures of shrunken men clamering over hot women

    Once again I know this is odd for some and appologize if you read this and got offended
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    Torch Guest

    But i can't help you mate.Hope Someone Helps you soon. Intresting enough.

  4. hey bro, look into usso

    hey, that first pic of the 3 you listed. the ones you were trying to find out the artist. that first pic is from a artist that i have been desparately trying to find out who he is. i LOVE his work, but i have no clue who he is cause i cannot read japanese. he does work with a artist named usso, who is probobly my favorite along with this guy. there is currently 2 torrents posted here with ussos work. one is a compilation that happens to have 3 great pics from that artist you are looking for. search for "usso" or "knockout" and you will find them here on this site. there is also ussos website that i belive has that artists name in japanese. here is the link to the page that may have the name of the artist listed. some of his work are included in this comic.
    you can go back and look at the rest of his great site too. if you are able to read japansese or figure out who this artist is, PLEASE let me know. my email is:
    email me anytime and plz let me know if there is anything else i can help you with or if you have some art you would care to trade. my interests are similar to yours. good luck!

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the info, the stuff you have linked me to is very nice. I know a little japanese but I think he goes by the name digital knockout bu if you can direct me to the author page I will try to translate the name for you.



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    I recognize the art in the third pic. It's by Shin Tsuguru. Unfortunately I don't know which book it's from. He normally doesn't do this kinda stuff so probably a one-shot only.

  7. ok here is the artist that we are looking for. we dont know names of any of his books or sites or anything. i dont even know what his name is cause its written in japanese it appears. this is a link to a page that has his name. below the first image, there is a grid of the authors and a pic next to each of them. on the far RIGHT column, the second pic down is the artist we are looking for. if anyone knows how to spell his name using english characthers or know of any names of his work, or perhaps a website of his, plz let me know. any info about him at all would help, or any more artists of this theme. my email is thanks again for all the help.

  8. I dont know the second kanji for the name but here are the readings for the others
    First kanji = mizu / sui
    Second Kanji = dont know
    Third Kanji = tsuki / getsu
    Forth Kanji = Jyu / Jyuu / tou or too
    Fifth Kanji = san / mittsu

    The second kanji is important but i dont know its reading
    This is the name from the picture on row 4 / column 4
    Hope this helps

    For others with a higher japanese level can you tell us the second kanji's reading from row 4 column 4 on the following page

  9. here is the image which has the names - its the forth one down and across.
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    I like how you think.

    The doujin Level E Plus has an unbirthing scene. I'm pretty sure it has been torrented somewhere...

    Caramel-dow does tiny men. And unbirthing! All at once, even!
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    Did someone say PERV?!

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you


    Thanks for the links and pics. Do you know of any other artists that do this stuff if you do pls post the links. Your a number one legend.



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