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Thread: Artificial Girl 3 + Expansion: General FAQs

  1. Artificial Girl 3 + Expansion: General FAQs

    Last edited by Inquisitor; 01-25-2015 at 06:21 AM. Reason: Add wiki links
    Like a "Global Help/FAQ Index", for AG3/SB3/SM and others, for llusionGames at WIKI!
    Help & Support at the HF Community Centre and Hentai Game Mods (Downloads)
    And try TheShadow Website + FAQ Guide or just for AG3, see Full Release-Discussion page 1 or << First

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  3. Artificial Girl 3 Full Release - Discussion Thread

    No "Thank you for your hard work" or unnecessary posts. We want this thread to be easily browsable. Search before you post!

    To all modders/translators:

    If you have any thing you feel worthy of posting on the main page, please pm me with a link... I'll
    do my best to keep up, but at some points there is so much going on that it makes it difficult to
    not let something slip by.

    Keep up the good work everyone!

    The downloads will follow this format:
    name_of_file.extension [server(s) it's hosted on] - submitted by original poster
    Links to other posts will just contain the url for the link.

    AG3 Torrent
    [071130][illusion]Artificial Girl 3 by aoyu18

    AG3 Preorder Special (adds the M personality type)
    人工少女3「予約特典」.torrent submitted by multiple members (oops!)

    AG3 Official Patch
    All official addons - wizzard ready submitted by darziel

    G3T Hires Textures
    G3T Homepage submitted by TrugaNoS

    AG3 Official Clothes Add-On(s)
    js3_pluscos.rar submitted by liujeffqi
    js3_pluscos_xmas.exe submitted by Luca_Blight
    js3_pluscos_va.exe submitted by Luca_Blight

    AG3 Localizations
    AG3 English Launcher submitted by Hentaijin
    AG3 English Interface Mod submitted by Wurlox
    ag3_chinese.rar submitted by shawnhao
    [AG3][French launcher and translation v1.01][chicot].rar submitted by chicot

    AG3 Save (for people unable to use hiragana for name input)
    In the hongfire Game Saves category

    AG3 Map (knocked up by AlphaUltima)
    ag3map submitted by firzenex

    AG3 Wiki
    AG3 English Wiki submitted by ToxicKing
    AG3 Japanese Wiki submitted by shawnhao

    Where to get the mods:
    [Mod Release Thread](Illusion) Artificial Girl 3

    Where to discuss the mods:
    [Mod Discussion Thread](Illusion) Artificial Girl 3

    AG3 Gameplay Discussion
    Artificial Girl 3 Gameplay Discussion submitted by mjanes42

    2007/11/29 01:15est - Thread created
    2007/11/29 19:36est - Added official patch
    2007/11/30 14:59est - Added official clothes addon
    2007/11/30 22:51est - Added savegame, map, gameplay discussion thread, and English launcher betas
    2007/11/30 23:51est - Added chinese launchers
    2007/12/01 21:53est - Added japanese wiki (go go translators!)
    2007/12/02 10:50est - Added wurlox's English UI mod
    2007/12/04 09:19est - Added the preorder speciality disc (forgot the first time someone mentioned it)
    2007/12/06 18:14est - Added the second official patch from illusion
    2007/12/07 11:06est - Added the second clothes addon (xmas) from illusion
    2007/12/08 09:50est - Added french localizations
    2007/12/13 21:57est - Added third official patch from illusion
    2007/12/19 00:20est - Added Girley3Texture homepage link
    2008/02/08 18:05est - Added valentine's day special
    2009/01/13 17:40est - Updated Girley3Texture homepage link
    2009/02/25 07:47est - Update the link for the official addon stuff
    2011/08/18 19:59est - Removed the save game link because it pointed to the wrong thing now

    Quote Originally Posted by TigerSoundNet
    (There, now I will never need to repeat any of these, ever again, anywhere!)
    That makes me LOL... heh...
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    AG3 English Interface

    AG3 English Interface download link and information are available here:

    [Mod Release Thread](Illusion) Artificial Girl 3 (Open for business)

    Last edited by wurlox; 12-02-2007 at 12:19 AM.

    "Your inability to make it work does not make it broken." -- kuropon
    >>>SB3 English Interface Mods<<<

  5. My sound mod for AG3 is finally done.

    This sound mod took me longer then any previous one, even the beep reduction mod for schoolmate. I spent over 60 hours mapping the sounds and testing them, and 14 hours working on the sounds themselves. Part of this was due to this game having a lot more sounds then previous games, but mostly it was due to the girls not behaving and doing what I needed them to (and figuring out how to get them to do it).

    This mod replaces the ecchi sound effects in Artificial Girl 3 with much more realistic sounds.

    Specifically it replaces/modifies all the main sex sound effects in the game other then the spoke stuff (like moans).
    It also replaces all the walking and peeing sounds with remastered ones.

    Almost all the sounds are sourced from real sounds. All sounds have been extensively edited to try to provide the best sound expirence possible.

    I did NOT personally or physically make any of the sounds in this sound mod, nor did anyone I know.

    I am grateful to all who decide to add to my reputation for liking my work, and in case you wondered I do read the comments I receive from you

    Have fun, hope ya like it

    Also special thanks go out to all the members of the HF-Modding/Translation Club
    wub you guys (ok you can get off now.. don't make me get out the rolled up newspaper)

    [AG3][Audio][Realistic Ecchi SFX][NeonSamurai][V1.0] Manual Install Version can be downloaded


    [AG3][Audio][Realistic Ecchi SFX][NeonSamurai][V1.0][W] Illusion Wizzard Version can be downloaded

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    Wiki link by Afker ::- AG3 Wiki

    Let the fun begin

  7. Xd Hongfire AG3 Strip featuring Itamurei Shino

    Attachment removed from this thread, moved to the General Discussion thread I started for AG3.
    Last edited by Kato; 11-28-2007 at 11:03 PM.

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    - Cloths mods
    - Other contributions to AG3 society

    Edit: Here
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    i'll Start making the Registry Fixing and cracking the Launcher once someone post it

  10. 11/07 First texture mod: Hi Res skins with more subtle veins and two slightly modified tans. No matching pu$$y textures because game uncensor not yet available at time of release.

    Click Here
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by mjanes42 View Post
    kato has started a general discussion thread here.

    Please go there for discussion.
    I'd really rather have only 1 thread... To avoid the inevitable noob bitching "There's 2 or 3 threads with xxxx # of posts"...

    We already have a mod release thread and a mod discussion thread in the clubhouse... I think this thread is all that is needed...

    Asleep at the wheel

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