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Thread: Artificial Girl 3 + Expansion: General FAQs

  1. Artificial Girl 3 + Expansion: General FAQs

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    Like a "Global Help/FAQ Index", for AG3/SB3/SM and others, for llusionGames at WIKI!
    Help & Support at the HF Community Centre and Hentai Game Mods (Downloads)
    And try TheShadow Website + FAQ Guide or just for AG3, see Full Release-Discussion page 1 or << First

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  • Quote Originally Posted by shadowkat View Post
    that's actually "hard to satisfy"
    Thank you very much, got around to making another girl got her into bed the second time (first times are always over pretty quick), got her arousal maxed out, and now I know why they call that trait 'hard to please', I had her in perpetual orgasm mode and, because my guy was wearing a condom, sat there for a full 5 minutes, real time, watching her in a perpetual orgasm (and the lude girl behind just standing there watching). talk about one crazy orgasm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TigerSoundNet View Post
    Someone was asking about relating to Breast sizes? (For Illusion, in general or just for AG3?)
    (See that white scale-graph picture near the bottom, seven pictures up. Search for img1199392417.jpg)
    Thanks for the helpful link, I have always wondered what the sizes were.

    Quote Originally Posted by TrugaNoS View Post
    tss, not even the guy looks like a half child, the girl look now, too... what a shit is that....

    Would be better, and I'm pretty sure also much easier, modders would try to let the guy look more like a real man, illusion already did in their past games, instead of creating this "paedophile" friendly mods. I hate them!
    It seems a japanese modder has pulled it off already

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommychu822 View Post
    It seems a japanese modder has pulled it off already
    eh...What's that thing living on his chest?

    At least he looks like someone I might believe girls calling 'Master/Sensei/Teacher/Husband'. I bet his face is still frozen in that expression, though. Maybe it's not such a bad idea to keep the hair over the eyes for this model, at least then he could look mysterious instead of vacant.

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    He's one hairy man. Well if that doesn't suit you they have v2

    or this creepy looking one

    some interesting guy mods by japanese modders
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    They really are pretty good work, much better than the original, more detail and realism. But even if you gave him some body definition so he wouldn't look so sad, he'd still have the awkward movement and lack of facial expression. I've tried looking him over in Blender but haven't been able to sort out his parts, I think it'd be simpler and more effective to obscure his features and identity rather than try to give him a personality.

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    All the heads are from Rapelay...the least they could do is come up with something a tad more original.

    "Your inability to make it work does not make it broken." -- kuropon
    >>>SB3 English Interface Mods<<<

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    My characters are missing hair or have white hair

    I am having a problem with my characters, they are missing their hair.
    I have installed this mod which I needed, in order, to prevent Character Maker from crashing, according to TigerSoundNet (thanks for the hint and pm response ):
    [AG3][Girley3T][Trug@NoS][v1.2] by TrugaNoS (thanks for the mod )

    But now my characters are missing their hair or have white hair. This happens after I save my character. Their hair were fine when I was creating the characters, but after i save them this happens:

    So do anyone have any idea how to fix this?. Thanks for y'all help man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnutello View Post
    Yeah they look the same in game play. So its like i am playing with their heads covered by the white over their face, where the hair is suppose to be.
    I still say its some sort of gfx card/memory issue, its kinda like when you add clothing thats high res and it doesnt show the colour just white, as of how to fix this? Not too sure. i know for clothing its a case of manually reload the textures but you cant really do that with hair.

    Edit: @tommychu

    Getting there, been pretty busy this weekend though (new Burnout got released ).
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    Quote Originally Posted by playboy6174 View Post
    Have you installed any mods? If youve installed anything like truganos girley3t mod and your either

    a) Using a low end gfx card

    b) Onboard gfx card

    then this problem will happen, any high res mods cause the game to crash when creating girls or outfits, i had this problem removed the mods and now it works fine.

    Girls created by other people using the mods however work perfectly, personally i havent figured out exactly why this happens, but it does.
    Not using any mods, sadly. T_T My desktop is dead, so I'm trying to get this to run on my laptop, which has a onboard GFX card slightly better then the minimum requirements.

    I can get the game to run, I just can't save girls... But believe me, I gave running around aimlessly ago. It's boring.

    Any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommychu822 View Post
    It seems a japanese modder has pulled it off already
    I know about that mods, Krontn's guy mod is also a "man-like" mod. What I was talking about was more a mesh mod. What we need is a guy mod with a better body mesh. (And textures of course)

    !!! To anybody having the Maker crash while saving the girls!!!

    Uninstall all Girley3T mods and try if it still crashes!

    - If YES, it's not my problem, you've fu*ked something

    - if NO, go to my website and download the Low Resolution version with 512x512px textures, install it and try again.
    If maker crashes even with this version, forget Girley3T or buy a better computer!

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