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  • BIG O!!!

    OK guys I finally figured out a way to get on Uppervolta so I thought I would share something I found that I really liked
    Its the android Dorothy Wayneright from The Big O anime

    I got her in upjs3mod2061 and since I cant read Japanese I cant give you a name to give credit to but in his read me file he gives a link to so I'm guessing he used phatmonkey's work and bettered it.
    Here is the link to entire upjs3mod2061 I reuploaded on mediafire and I hope you guys enjoy her because her likeness is so close the anime he got her perfect IMO

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    X-Blade Ayumi


    Xbox 360 girl



    Maria Anderson (SB3)


    Eo (A-ga, SB3)


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  • heh. I was wonderin when someone was gonna make her seeing I got her costume and all. but could you host her on rapidshare or megafile? It's not cool to have to download another #$%^ download manager just to get one person.

    oh yeah. I've uploaded Mio and my newer characters into the AG3 Database. I'll be making clothers for the new girls and update mio's closet pretty soon. and the clothes will be avaiable on my mediafile page along with my older characters.

  • Anyone know where I can find more male mods? I keep doing thread searches but I either come up empty handed, not interested, or I already have it. Here's a list of the current mods I have for the guy:

    Both male to female mods
    Pack with four different types of guys

    Is there a website someone could recommend that has several male mods to choose from?

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    Wasn't those guy mods from Jacksh? (damn, i can't spell his name ^^;;; *sigh*) If so, i believe you've achieved ALL the good mods for the guy avatar. As far as i know, until now, no other guy mod with much quality then those you've mentioned.
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  • Ah okay, thank you for answering my question.

  • Penelo? anyone ?

    Hey guys!

    thanks for all the great work and uploads!

    but could someone please give me a link to "penelo" "panero?" from FF12 ... i know she is released on uppervolta....but after looking tru 1000's of posts here and googling for ages .. i cant find her...

    Any help would be really great !

    thx and Greetz

  • @Wavent: You gotta get Dilldoe's guy mod here I mean come on ITS SOLID FUCKING SNAKE like the biggest badass of video games ever!!!!!

    @AGfan: Penelo is here

  • thanks roguefiend! but penelo is all in cut into pieces in folders..

    01_01_01_to and so on... dunno what to do with that... im used to get chars in a different format

    thx for any further help!

  • Wavent-- there are, I believe, five guy-to-girl mods of various flavors available mostly around Hongfire, counting the one in my signature (which is a color variant of one of the others). The ones I have are the white-haired girl in the blue dress , the futanari mod by Scatwoman, the girl-with-strapon by LDS718 (the Korean modder) wearing a blue and black shirt, a texture remix of the girl-with-strapon wearing a black shirt and with more detailed skin, and the blond-haired girl in the black dress linked in my signature.

    There are some I've run across on Uppervolta. They are:
    upjs3mod1591 - I don't know the details, I just made a note "guy mod"
    upjs3mod1759 - a mod by MonaLisaOD (who is a fantastic modder) that's a kind of Link-style guy with green hair, a tunic, and a sword
    upjs3mod1766 - improved guy mesh (muscular?)
    upjs3mod1856 - Definitely find this one; it's 3 mods that turn the guy into different fantasy monsters (I called them minotaur, lich, and skeleton, but they might be from different games or something)
    I probably have the files for some of these, if you can't find them, but it's worth trying on your own because I know there's a bunch more lurking around. If you don't mind getting a huge amount of stuff (I hope my hints for where to look will save you too much wading), the easiest way to get these is probably this mirror, from the Korean modder mentioned above:
    He also has a blog post tag for AG3 and has at least one giant post that includes several guy mods.

    There are a couple others I've seen, but I don't have notes on where to find them. If I run across them (I mostly see them when I read the japanese modders' blogs), I'll get back to you.

    Best of luck in your quest!

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