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Thread: Artificial Girl 3 - upload characters and clothes ( with description and samples )

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  2. Quote Originally Posted by hopeton1rai View Post
    strange its should have been in there i will look at it now k
    here you go i put the file in there so it should be alright

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    Maja - MOD

    Maja - MOD. Green means go and get out the florescent paint.
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  4. Why not use AG3Ghost - it allows to keep
    the modded body for editing with AG3Make.

    Also recommendable - SB3 Utility what
    allows to open pps and the xx files.

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    Vanessa - MOD

    Vanessa - MOD +Reps appreciated. Thank you futaboy for the body texture.
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    Power Girl Costume

    Power Girl Cos


    Perona as Power Girl

    SD | BOX | MF | 4S | PEEJE
    "Wonderful! Time for a celebration.... cheese for everyone! Wait! scratch that. Cheese for no one. That can be just as much of a celebration. If you don't like cheese. True?"

  7. Now it’s time for my “Filles de Joie”. Well that means hookers… But you have to admit, filles de joie sound a lot more classy… I have put in those girls a little more of my craziness, but just a little this time. I made new textures for the bodies, the eyes, the nipples and of course, the clothes. I always start with existing textures, created by great modders. BIG thanks to all of you who share! I created new hair for them. I tried to keep them moving by not exaggerate like I do sometime. My pink Anorian, Nyda is a good example. I wanted a new model of big and luxurious hair, and a short rebelled one. So here they are…


    Ally MacKitty

    The great city of Kantrall, in the Deslauriers’ province, suffers from a terrible plague: pirates! The superintendent of the city, Lord Thejohnson would loose is last few hairs if only he knew that some of the worst of them were in his own city at the south-west port. There, they can hide in plain sight, preparing there next terrible plan. And when you say pirates, you say taverns. And when you say pirates’ taverns, you say “ladies of pleasure”. One of the most notorious of them is Ally MacKitty! You want to have a REALLY good time. She’s the girl! You want to live long, forget her. She survived the south-west port since her birth! To do that, she has lie, stole, killed and cute things that… well, most man prefer to use then to loose… If you really want to meet her anyway, keep your money hidden. And for gods’ sake, don’t fall asleep! You may wake up suddenly, with the sight of a dagger’s handle in the middle of your chest. Not a good thing! No mister…

    Isabella Bellon

    In the great medieval city of Kantrall, lives a nice young woman called Isabella, Isabella Bellon. She was found (stolen) on the porch of Madam Linda when she was only two and live with her ever since. But you see, Madam Linda is the proprietress of the north gate bordello of the city, the Luxure. So the poor Isabella devotes her life to pleasure man. But Madam Linda knows her “merchandise”, she keeps that one for the elite costumers. Isabella doesn’t really mind. She waits for her prince charming, hoping he will take her from that prison on his white stallion… Meanwhile, she gives herself to each man that comes to her, thinking that this is her way to make the world a better place. All the men who enters her room arrive with there mind filled with problems, and exit with dreamy eyes and a smile on their faces…

    jaro271 can you re-upload those girls? please?

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    Guild girls, part two!

    It’s always nice to create a babe, it took me twenty minutes and she was almost ready. Then, I decided to morph the hairs. Then I thought that the body needed re-fit. After that, I wanted the make the skin more intense. And it goes on and on and on… Man! I can’t do “simple” anymore; I have to re-touch everything…! But it’s fun!!!

    So, new hair style (with bones) and body made in Meta. Crazy retexturing of the character and the clothes. I didn’t touch the one piece undersuit, gloves and socks. This is Darziel’s work, and it is awesome this way! Thanks Darziel for all your great work! Again, thanks to the creators of the tools, nothing would possible without them.

    For the story, here's the intro and here's the part one.

    There’s a time you thought that police work was not very glamorous. Well compare to the work you have now, IT WAS!! You work now for the Tshoken guild; thanks to Miss Wookitt. You’re working in the background of things, has the watchman of girls of one of their bordello, the “Rising”. Considering your “need” for Anorians, it was not a bad idea at the time. And that job those have it’s “high and low”. Low: all the scum bags of the sector want to touch the girls. It’s forbidden, and your job to make sure it won’t happen. High: Stella Benia! She’s the main attraction of that “respectable” establishment and she’s a knock-out! She’s mostly human, only her grand-father was a Theekang, giving her the capacity to sense others intimates needs. Very helpful in that job! Her number is always a huge success, and a source of troubles for you, the crowd goes wild! She told you that she’s not afraid since you are here. “You are my protector!” She rolls the last R in a very sexual way, looking intensely at you with a smile. But don’t think it’s gonna go somewhere. Madam Moontook, the manager of the bordello, won’t allow it. “This is the Guild policy. If you want to keep all your parts intact, concentrate on the job. It would be ashamed that you loose a nice piece of yourself.”

    After all you have been thru so far, Guild policies are the last of your problems. That’s why, when Stella asked you to “inspect her room for danger so she could sleep well”. You entered without hesitation and smile when she closed the door, biting her lower lips sensually. Mmm. That room will need “extensive search”!!

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  9. Smile. It's just like the beginning of work, a lot of errors. Get it HERE.
    Thx for prompts.
    For precise hit will use its grid with numbers and gradient:

    So is the result of:

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  10. Thumbs up

    Good work, nice style, thanks.
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    Smile002 Another archive - Swimsuits and bodysuits

    Hi peoples.

    Got at least one reply for extra archives - this one Swimsuits and Bodysuits - still in MQO format as are all of them [23 meg].

    Hope someone can make use of them - some are high res many are not - MF links below - textures specific for these items not included at this time due to file naming/cataloging I use.

    Mediafire link: -

    Sorry no pics at this time may add shortly along with more archives if anyone is interested.
    As always please give to all the HF and other modders out there..
    They make it easier for us all to join them on their thrones of knowledge.

    for the girls and for the guys.
    Regards Colin

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