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Thread: 3D Custom Girl - Cellshaded customizable girls!

  1. 3D Custom Girl - Cellshaded customizable girls!

    Off and on for what seems like ages I've been checking out this thing called 3d custom girl. I'm not really sure what it is, except it seems to be a game like AG3 but with anime-esque characters. These anime characters seem much more anime-like when compared with the characters from schoolmate.

    Well today the website released an update and the "game" looks promising. The customization seems like lots of fun, I'm just curious about how the gameplay works out.

    Release Date: 6/13/2008





    Website: [Updated Daily... Mon - Sat]

    Youtube Teaser:


    Getchu Link / Non-downloadable Movie: (Shows off sex positions)

    Fan Site:

    Note: Also goes by 3d Custom Shoujo
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    Yeah, it was only within the last week that they even posted the
    screen shots. However, graphically...well it's a matter of taste...

    I don't even have any high expectations from this game, heck, not
    even average expectations, but hopefully like "Kuroyokami" the game
    maker is able to pleasantly surprise me.

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    Looks pretty interesting. I like the graphical style, but the animation appears to be too choppy and overdone. Customization looks like fun though. I'll be looking forward to this one.

  5. wow, finally update, i thought they went bankrupt

    the game was postpond from last yr

  6. Interest Piqued ^

    No release date for this? It look very good visually. I am curious about the gameplay if there is any.

  7. lol, it seems that the company is recruiting 3D artists, and one of the requirements is to have 4 H-scenes in your portfolio to show them...(if my interpretation of the choppy translation is correct).

    Anyways, the game seems interesting, but I won't be expecting much.

  8. I downloaded the benchmark again (it was over a year ago that I dl'd it). The actual graphics in-game aren't bad and the animations are pretty fluid. Hopefully this game does have some gameplay to it besides some sex positions.

    I only got like 17 girls at 14 fps On uppervolta there's a screenshot of someone who got 50 people at 17fps. My computer is pretty good so this is depressing.

    I like many others am not expecting much from this game but it'll be nice as a chance of pace from all the Illusion games. I just hope it doesn't end up like Timeleap where I expected one thing and got another...
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  9. Look like to be a good game, but i dont know how to download it
    Life is like Sex, you cant allways be on top. By some random guy that in Final Fantasy XI

  10. Wow! got 44 girls at 15fps... ;]
    是时候了... It is time...

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