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Thread: Narutaru manga

  1. Narutaru manga

    Hello everyone. I was just wondering if anybody knew if any group ever picked up the Narutaru manga and did scanlations. I know Dark Horse licensed it and already released a couple of volumes, unfortunately it seems that they have done and will do quite a bit of censoring. I hear this is a very dark and somewhat twisted/depressing manga. I for one haven't read it, but I don't want to read a washed down version of it. I know the anime is out, but that seems to be a fraction of the manga.... . Well any information would be appreciated.

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  3. I doubt Dark Horse would edit their manga. They released Akira and Hellsing uncut.

  4. Yeah that's what I found to be rather weird when I first heard it. Especially since Dark Horse's comics are usually pretty dark....but I can't remember where I saw a scan comparing the two and there was a scene that actually had stuff redrawn as well as words censoring graphic stuff. I'm pretty sure I found some of the links within the Animesuki thread.

  5. So would anybody happen to know where I could find scans of the raw japanese manga?

  6. I'd also like to know. I found vol7-12 in japanese, but I can't find 1-6. I'm pretty sure they censored vol6, so that's the one that I really want.

  7. Yeah I felt like bumping this. sorry. I've been looking for the raw scans with no luck. Anybody able to offer any help? It's kinda sad the English version was censored then I wouldn't be having this problem.

  8. bump i'm looking for the raw japanese manga as well...

  9. Sorry for bump, but if someone is interested, you can get raws from [UR]DAN at irc:// (packlist at

    I'd also like to know if there is any uncensored scans of volumes 1-6 today.


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