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Thread: Lightning Warrior Raidy

  1. Lightning Warrior Raidy

    So I just finish this game and notice that there are two equipment slots left, one for swords and other for armor (after the mithrils). I searched the net for a answer and no one had comment about this subject. Strange!
    Why can't I marry a nekomimi?

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    1) Don't start a new topic when there's already about 2-3 existing Raidy threads >.> Ask there instead of starting a new one.. it clutters the forums

    2) It was explained on JAST USA's forums a while back on their Raidy topic. Apparently it was just a left over from original remake which also had the spare slots. No one really knows why ZYX left it there (as Mithril IS the final armor set) the only explanation/theory was they probably planned to use that "empty" slot for unequiping or running around w/o armor/swords.

  4. 1) there isn't a thread with the full name of the game, all the other is about the sequels. And if you search only for "raidy" you find 2 about the missing extras, and just one has the answer, and another about seyuu. Not a general thread. -_-

    2) hmm... I see.
    Why can't I marry a nekomimi?

  5. Check this guide and see what your missing dude.

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    i have question. im on the 4th flor and i cant beat the boss. im lvl 22 and iv talked to the cell like 3 times ive gone in every room twice and i cant think of any option i havnt exploited to get past me autimatically losing. if you have any advise please tell me. im in desperate need of help =(

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    You should get a earring from a cell in the 3RD floor. On the 3rd floor, talk to a man, accept his offer then go check the cells again. You should get it.

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    Try searching the THIRD floor one more time. Somewhere to northwards there is a man with a jail key. When you get it go to the place with two cells side by side, one of them has a earring (i think it is the left). That us what you need to defeat the dark elf.

    Whoops, computer acting funny, sorry about this repost.
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