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Thread: New H-anime by ordin-soft: Rape! Rape! Rape!

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    New H-anime by ordin-soft: Rape! Rape! Rape!

    getchu site:
    Official site:
    Contains pics and preview video
    release date: 10/17

    Actually, i kinda discovered this a while ago via, but i wasn't sure what they meant when a link directed me to ordin-soft which did h-games. Based off their own h-game, with the same name:

    Looks to be interesting, and the theme music in the preview vid rocks, could they be following the lilith/pixy path?
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    for a moment, i thought this was an h-anime on Detroit Metal City...

  4. Well.......i think rape has been confirmed.

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    Um. What sort of content will this contain?

    Heh heh. Nothing like getting right to the point and blatantly flagging your product for the appropriate demography. So will this be hard rape (Leave them crying and broken.) or soft rape? (Leave them begging for more.) I know nothing of the company or the game, so I'm a bit curious which way this is likely to turn out and I'm sure others would appreciate a heads up.

    ja ne

    By the way, this is a DLSite title and needs to be added to the no torrent/no download list. This means don't post or request it here, folks. Buy it or check the usual suspects if you want it.

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  6. I certainly hope they do follow pixy's path especially considering some of there latest games have had a decent amount of animation in them.

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  8. look promising I realy like the characters

  9. I am looking for the H game of this animation, could someone repost it? Please help for that.

  10. this is the FBI! put your hands up where i can see them

  11. As a girl, it's a bit akward to say, but...I enjoyed this hentai WAY too much O.o

    I played the game despite not finding an English patch for it, and watched all three episodes of the anime.

    This'll sound completely wierd, but I'm very attracted to Takumi (the rapist)...and I have no idea why O///O
    Maybe it's becuse he looks a lot like Light Yagami, but I wouldn't mind letting him chain me up and letting him release those violent urges in me...

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