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Thread: Shotacon Movies

  1. Shotacon Movies

    Hey everyone where can i get good shotacon movies ? and videos.

    I am looking for things like My pico Yaoi shotacon and also looking for Straight shotacon like In.Warau.Kangofu

    In.Warau.Kangofu -SS

    My pico yaoi-

    Does anyone know and releases or list of Shotacon movies Yaoi and Straight.

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  3. This is the second thread you open regarding Shotacon anime. For the lack of response, I think it's safe to assume that most of us aren't interested in it. I started watching the third OVA of Boku no Pico (I really thought the new character was a girl) and that was not a pleasant surprise. Regardless of that, I have found some straight Shotacon in the AniDB and in other H OVA that I've watched.

    The most commonly known is Kodomo no Jikan, the OVA from 2000. I have watched it and it's not bad, but it's not my style.

    There is also some action in Chikan Monogatari. However, that's only available in the Japanese version of volume 1. Those 8 minutes aren't available in the R1 release.

    The other one that I know of is Soukan Yuugi.

    There is a very small segment in Bishoujo Comic Lolikon Angel: Mitsu no Aji, but it's irrelevant since that's a loli anime.

    That's all the ones that I know regarding shotacon. Oh! And Enzai appears in AniDB as Shotacon-Yaoi. No idea about that one, though.

  4. are these...

    i'm confused sounded like you weren't gonna help him, but you ended up helping him, lol

    anyways were the ova's you mentioned actually shotacon movies? or are they shotacon THEMED?

    i don't think real loli and shota movies actually exist, i'm actually surprised that saigado's "pico no chico' series were actually developed into a media clips

    update: anime DB, can you even download anything from here? or is it just some forum?
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  5. I had forgotten about this post. There are lolicon and shotacon OVA, not semi-loli/semi-shota. They're just very few. Also, most shotacon are straight shotacon.
    Anyway, to find all of them, just check this DB:

    And AniDB is just an informative database. If you want to download something, check the fansubs websites or try looking for the releases in emule.

  6. countdown to delight is a one episodes shota movie
    shota is kinda left out of hentai in favor of loli


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