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Thread: Erotical Night v1.5.2 (english version)

  1. Erotical Night v1.5.2 (english version)

    There is a long thread over at the torrent section about this game but since this is the english version and not a torrent, I will start a new thread. Hope this is ok.

    I have been looking for this at Hongfire and across the web for the past few weeks with no luck but now I finally found it. However Im not completely aware of Hongfires policy posting direct links to eng dlsite games. I have heard it might get Hongfire into trouble. (and we cirtainly don't want that)

    So you Hongfire veterans please tell me if I can post direct links to this file. Or post links to an external forum that posted this file.
    And before anyone says, I did not upload this. I only found it and wanted to share it since its quite good imo. Also I did not write the walkthrough. I only added the part for the miracle pants.

    Old info from the torrent thread
    Game's Homepage and Dlsite page
    Walkthrough for japanese version
    Savegame for both english and japanese versions
    Since its not allowed to post stuff from eng dlsite I will not add a download link. However if you use google to search you should be able to find it easily.
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    Looks like that site that had the game got slammed by too many visitors... It's gone now... What a pity...
    The cake turned out to not be a lie after all!

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  4. Since this game is on the English dlsite, you can not post direct links to the english version since they can now buy it. Hongfire has been slammed in the past about this sort thing as well as other forums for doing this.

    So to avoid this wonderful place from getting in trouble, I'll put it in bold, since "SOME" people refuse follow simple rules.


    Don't mean to sound like dick, but some people just don't listen or know how to read.
    *Looks AG3 girls and clothes upload thread*

  5. Quote Originally Posted by koji91488 View Post
    "SOME" people refuse follow simple rules.
    Actually I have been looking at the official rules thread
    The only thing that it said about this situation is under rule 10:
    Lastly, as a precaution, do not direct link materials that will attract authorities. For obvious reasons.
    which is not very clear and cirtainly not that simple to follow.

    But you are right we have all seen Hongfire go down in the past for eng dlsite stuff and I just wanted to confirm this. The site I suggested has already gone down. Damn dlsite is powerful xD

  6. That comment about "some" People wasn't directed at you but at people who request things that cannot be posted due to legal implications just fuel their urges.

  7. The "translation" looks like it went through AGTH / Babelfish or something.

    Oh well, better than nothing, I guess...

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    Hyodra should be commended for trying to do the right thing for the community. Unlike a lot of people who pass through without a care in the world he's actually got the forum's best interest in his thoughts. I recommend we throw some positive rep his way.
    The cake turned out to not be a lie after all!

    My UpperVolta AG3 Mod Wizzard ready conversions

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Astral View Post
    The "translation" looks like it went through AGTH / Babelfish or something.

    Oh well, better than nothing, I guess...
    It seems only the translation of girls dialog was done by "professional translators" which is a tiny part. Since you can paste most stuff from the japanese version to babelfish the only benefit is the movie dialog, the interface, and the time saved from copy and paste.

  10. Full english version of Erotical nights

    Hi all i am new to this forum, but have been reading a lot of the post as a guest. Now i became a member. I am not posting a link, but u can find the game at henteifromhell dot net. It will take u to the download mirror.

  11. I am actually looking to find a way to modify the script so that I can make the game make some sense to people who aren't well versed in engrish. Any ideas?

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