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      Welcome to the HF-[IMG] Group! A GFX group which was first formed by a small group of people who have the enthusiasm of creating avatars and signatures for the community at Hongfire Anime Network. The group was acknowledged by many other members and grew quickly in both numbers and skills. We are reaching and touching almost every form digital design/art. From the facile basics of Microsoft Paint, to the complex paring of filters and effects in Adobe Photoshop. We discuss and converse about topics of web design, graphic effects, hand-drawn art, 3D modeling, and even animation. Presently we act as a cynosure for any topic related to graphic and/or digital art. We are always whole-heartedly welcome anyone who has the interest. Together we can freely share our knowledge and creative personage in the world of visual-graphic art!
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      Welcome to the T.T.G., The Workshop for feedback on creative processes for all fields of work. We are here to help each other out during their creative journey's.
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